Newsmax Host Freaks Out On Mike Lindell Appearance

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A Newsmax host freaked out on live TV and talking over Mike Lindell, refusing to allow Lindell to speak, and then stomped off the set in the ultimate meltdown, and the video has gone viral, humiliating Newsmax.

“Newsmax just censored Mike Lindell while interviewing him about Twitter censoring Mike Lindell. Bob Sellers just continued to talk over Mike Lindell’s top and would not listen to anything that Mike said because he didn’t like what Mike was saying!!!! WOW!” one viewer posted. 

Semi left leading TVLine reported:

“Lindell appeared on the conservative news channel Tuesday, ostensibly to discuss cancel culture in the wake of his being permanently removed from Twitter for repeated violations of its Civic Integrity policy. But when Lindell kicked off the segment by ranting about election fraud, anchor Bob Sellers quickly began speaking over him.

Lindell said that he had “100 percent proof” that Dominion Voting Systems were involved in voter fraud in the 2020 American presidential election, a claim that has no basis in fact and for which Dominion is suing Donald Trump adviser Rudy Giuliani. “Mike, you’re talking about machines that we at Newsmax have not been able to verify any of those kinds of allegations,” Sellers interjected, the statement an about-face from the pro-Trump, election-questioning stance the network assumed throughout 2020.”

Newsmax host Bob Sellers had My Pillow founder Mike Lindell on his show to talk about big tech censorship and ended up censoring him as well.

Lindell appeared on “American Agenda” to discuss the fact that he and his company were both recently banned from Twitter for posting about election issues. When Lindell started to explain, Sellers just lost his mind and because hysterical.

Sellers asked for production to pull Lindell, and when they were not fast, enough Sellers stomped off the set, leaving the other co-host to finish up the interview.

It was a very chaotic and confusing scene.

Watch here:

Newsweek reported on the story and said:

AT Tuesday “social media censorship” segment on Newsmax ended in dramatic fashion as MyPillow founder and ardent President Donald Trump supporter Mike Lindell ranted about election fraud until one of the anchors walked off the set.

One of Newsmax’s live broadcast anchors, Bob Sellers, appealed to the show’s producers, “can we get out of here please,” after he asked Lindell whether he should be permanently or temporarily banned from Twitter. Instead of responding to the question, Lindell launched into a tirade about voting machine fraud and other false conspiracies that pulled several TV networks into legal problems late last year. Sellers could be seen removing his microphones and physically departing the set as Lindell continued yelling.”

One reader reacted to the professionalism of the female co-host:

@HeatherChilders just bossed on@newsmaxwhen Bob Sellers left her hanging by walking offset. He got rattled by the My Pillow guy! Way to show ‘em how to diplomatically handle the situation@HeatherChilders– you were amazing!!!!!!”

Sellers is seen as a somewhat “Sellout,” having chased viewers off in the weeks since the Presidential election with his leftist ideology.

Newsmax is struggling to keep up, after having once gotten a large viewership after the falling-out between Trump supporters and FOX News. Still, Newsmax has struggled to maintain an edge because of confusing show hosts like Sellers.

Lindell said he was going to release some information on Friday, and he felt that Twitter had taken his accounts down because they did not want to see the proof that he had regarding his claims.

It is unclear where Lindell would be posting any of his information. He was not allowed to say.




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