Plot Tiwst: Gaetz Tells Bannon He Would Step Down from Congress to Defend Trump at Impeachment “Trial”

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US Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida appeared on Bannon’s Wardroom on Tuesday with a bombastic announcement that he was willing to take drastic measures to prepare a defense for former President Donald J. Trump, who faces a highly anticipated media Senate Trial in DC that is scheduled to begin on February 9th, 2021.

“Matt Gaetz was on with Bannon for the past half hour. The gist is they both think that the best defense is a good offense and that the centerpiece[of the impeachment trial] must be exposing the truth about the stolen election.

The GOPe Senate HATES this idea and says Gaetz cannot do it while he is a sitting Congressman.

Matt Gaetz says that he will resign from Congress immediately to defend Trump in the Senate,” reported a longtime Free Republic poster know as Travis McGee, citing The War Room Pandemic, on Tuesday.

McGee heard right.  Gaetz did break the news on the Warroom Pandemic podcast.

“BREAK: @MattGaetz tells #WarRoomPandemic he would be willing to resign his Congressional seat to defend President Donald Trump in the upcoming impeachment trial, “Co-host Raheem Kassam wrote. 

McGee went on, “The GOPe senators have said he CANNOT represent Trump as a sitting Congressman. Gaetz says he’ll resign; it’s a higher priority than keeping his seat. He says he’s never lost a trial case, and he won’t start in the Senate. He’s not talking smack. He’s the only congressman who does not take ANY PAC money. His ethics outweigh his career aspirations as a congress critter. Tune in; it’s a great show.”

The lower case e at the end of GOP indicates the word “establishment .”

Steve Bannon, the host of the show WarRoom Pandemic, who is well known to political watchers as “Man of Many Hats,” was once a strategist for President Donald J. Trump, so his point of view on the Impeachment trial is highly regarded by media watchers.

Bannon tee’d up the story of Gaetz’s bold Populist defense of Trump with his own concerns that Trump’s impeachment lawyers were “good guys” but not prepared to get into the arena to fight for Trump-like Gaetz would do. Bannon is the “Mac Daddy” of a firebreathing”  branding Populist defense of American liberty.

“Gaetz is a rising star, and he is willing to give it all up to defend Trump,” Bannon said, clearly indicating that Gaetz had accepted the mentoring of Bannon, which many politicians and media people covet.

Bannon is the most high profile thought leader on both the Populist movement and on the defense of Trump in the country, and his statements about politics and current events are widely regarded by both the right and left.

Bannon, who often flirtatiously refers to his “PR Agent” Madeline Peltz is a reporter for David Brock’s left-leaning news outlet, Media Matters.  Bannon deconstructed Peltz’s up to the min coverage of Tuesday’s show, emphasizing that the attack she had reported had been mischaracterized.   Bannon clarified that he did attack but that Peltz missed the target of his attack.

“I did attack the [Impeachment] strategy, but not the lawyers.  I think they are good guys,” Bannon said.

Now that the news has been broken that Gaetz made the offer, the story is unfolding if Trump accepts it.

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