USUPERS: Politicians are Inciting Violence by Ignoring Decent Respect for American Citizens

Posted by on February 3, 2021 3:04 am
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Over the past four years, Washington DC insiders and civil servants have increasingly treated American civil liberties as little more than a stain on their cocktail party dress or something to be aggrieved at and not something to cherish, protect and defend.

In days, Washington DC plans to have a complex and mock trial where they cast pretend offenses upon the American people, and find us guilty for reacting after being too far plundered at their hands.

Although the American taxpayer funds these people it has become apparent that many of these government employees have entanglements and affairs with foreign bodies, who expect some perks from the access government jobs allow, in exchange for some extra pleasures provide by outside interests. They have betrayed our trust and they all seem to enjoy some fruitful ‘pay for play’ in DC, let’s say, and they don’t care anymore who sees it.

We see the spirit of Usurpers, not the ones who are the heads of a civilized nation.

In fact, DC has become so lazy and so greedy that there are no longer “backroom deals” to hide the stench of selling access, grifting, or quid pro quo deals because those deals are accepted out in public now.  In reality, the best climbers are a celebrated part of the “Insiders clubs”.  Look at Kamala Harris.

Consider that after years of waiting patiently, and working, and watching President Trump get harassed and threatened, average Americans- without causing one moment of disturbance- are taunted with the fact that Intel agencies, our elected representatives, hundreds of useless government agencies, and the media are defending criminals, overdoing what they were sent to DC to do; to protect civil liberties.

Ask yourself if this can cause violence? Not getting any justice for years of abuse- can that cause violence? Not having our votes counted properly, not being shown a morsel of respect, can cause violence?


We see mockery.

Americans are not supposed to be abused like the third-world with unequal treatment under the law, but here we are. Four years of being law-abiding during riots and domestic uprisings that were allowed to unfold for weeks on end, while shut down for a year for something we did not agree upon,  and we are now watching lawbreakers mock us.

The two tired system of Justice is but one way political insiders are abusing the average American.

The abuse is in our faces, almost daring us to react. While we are funding the cocktail party circuit’s access to lavish lifestyles, they are mocking us, harassing us, scoffing at us, and now they are outright calling us names and threatening to harass our children.

They are inciting violence.

The new hobby on Capitol Hill appears to be who can call Americans more of a vile and nasty name than the next? Mitch McConnell called an American woman a “Cancer” because of who she represents. He is inciting violence.

We are told that we are now not wanted to be a part of the electoral system because we are “kooks”.  The Government worker class is therefore inciting violence.

They are shutting Americans out of more, abusing us more, and providing us with less service.  In fact, they are harassing the few representatives who remain in DC who are determined to represent the voice of the people.  The civil servant class is inciting violence.

At least two of my patriot ancestors fought at the Battle of Oriskany in New York, one lived, and one was killed. It was a violent bloodbath. I won’t write long and boring tales of family history. However, I will say that I am keenly aware that something has been taken from my family and me, which is my God-given right to American liberty.

And besides that, it was settled science that those rights are mine and there for my children, and my ancestors died for them; why do I have to scratch them back from DC?

So yes, I see that DC is inciting violence.

As a Daughter of the American Revolution, I am taking note of these usurpations.

I want to have peace, I had voted and followed the laws that allowed the system to play out, even when it was not at the hands of those I choose, and I have done it all legally. Now I am faced with the understanding that Washington DC is full of people who are inciting violence.

We actually have been here before DC. Telling you that you are overstepping your boundaries is not violence.   It is you and not I who is inciting any violence.



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