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Earlier today we commented on a Gateway Pundit (the most over the target news/opinion site on the web) article which featured a Newsmax segment with Mike Lindell, the founder of My Pillow.

The segment, which is in the tweet below, showed Lindell unable to get a word in edgewise when trying to explain why he thought he is in possession of undeniable proof that the 2020 election was not on the level.

The Gateway Pundit recapped”

‘On Tuesday, Newsmax host Bob Sellers had Lindell on his show “American Agenda” to talk about big tech censorship — then ended up censoring him as well.

As Lindell began to explain why he was silenced on social media — his belief that the election was rigged and that Dominion Voting Machines played a role in it — Sellers promptly jumped in to read a prepared statement about how Newsmax accepts the election results.’

A LOT of people were furious with Newsmax for treating Mike this way, and their made their discontent known.

After Fox News took a HARD LEFT with their coverage and called Arizona WAY early for Biden, viewers looking for a …non-communist centric world view network have flocked to Newsmax.  This one event put all that in jeopardy.  This is likely why …

‘Following the failed segment, Newsmax anchor Rob Schmitt brought him back on for another discussion about cancel culture.’ The GWP explained.

‘The interview avoided discussion about Dominion, which is the reason why Lindell was banned from Twitter — and what caused the previous segment to spiral.’ GWP went on.

According to the Gateway Pundit, ‘Mike Lindell told Rob Schmitt that he will release a video on Friday on the 2020 election.’

Dominion has been using one of the left’s favorite tools, ‘law fare’, to shut down anyone who dares to question the integrity of their machines and the 2020 election.  The company has sued many people, for unfathomable sums.

Fear of litigation is believe to have played at least some roll in the decision by Newsmax to not allow Mike to speak freely.

Here is the full video.

After losing his Twitter Lindell should join … where all his legal 1st Amendment protected political speech is safe and sound.

We hope to see you on as well!

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