MILITARY SHUTDOWN: Pentagon Virtue Signals During Black History Month, While Admitting They Have No Plan

Posted by on February 4, 2021 6:03 pm

In a rush to label all dissent to his high powers, Democrat Joe Biden’s administration in a soviet-style purge of the US Military, plans to evaluate everyone’s ties to “extremism” which the Pentagon can’t define but is very, very serious and may take destroying the country (that many have died to preserve), to eradicate to the left’s approval.

“The Pentagon acknowledges it is still uncertain how to tackle the problem,” NBC reported, announcing that the government is using their authority to investigate people, while the Pentagon really has no plan for their drama, admitting they want the media and free PR.

Of course, looking for racists in their ranks is a great way to exploit Black History Month, instead of using the opportunity to advance the great achievements of Black American men and women, the left would prefer to agitate people and create racial divisions, and advance punishment on White Americans for things we had no control over many years ago.

So here we are:

“Lloyd Austin, the first Black secretary of defense who recently took over at the Pentagon, ordered each branch of the military to stand-down at some point over the next 60 days to discuss the threat posed by white supremacy and similar extremism, said Pentagon press secretary John Kirby,” NBC reported, hinting at Austin’s push for critical race theory demands, which is a set of false claims the majority of Americans are racist unless or until they agree with powerful minority leaders.

Defense.Gov reported on the utopian measures by Loyd to investigate US Military members, “Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III has ordered a DOD-wide stand down to discuss the problem of extremism in the ranks, Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby said on Tuesday.”
Using the optics of January 6th as their honeypot to purge individual thoughts and invade American’s privacy, the Uniparty in US Government is apparently planning to make it a federal crime to be White and to have ever supported President Donald J. Trump, or to have supported his “America First” policies.
That would make sense for a political body that seems to want to remove the right to vote from people with whom they disagree.

Defense. Gov goes on in their article, “Austin and Army Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, met with service civilian leaders and service chiefs to discuss the problem of extremism. Kirby noted that some of the extremists who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6 were active duty service members and others were military veterans.”

Now with ultimate power over most of US institutions; with the Presidency, the US House, the US Senate, the courts, the media, and all of the power of controlling education, health care, and Wall Street, the move is being made to bring the military to heel for any lingering “patriotic” beliefs.

The left’s favored tactics of Marxism, Leninism, Maoism, and all other concepts of crating a huge powerful government to control the masses of US Citizens, appear to be in place after at least 5 decades of demanding more authority over the once liberated and free people of the United States.

Including pillaging “love of country and nationalism” from the US Military from within, because honestly, this move does not look good after four years of watching DC insiders attack Americans, destroy our president, stomp on our collective civil liberties, and put on mock trials,  all while committing crimes for which there is never any consequence for DC insiders.

To debase the American Military on our own ground, after administrations have humiliated our troops overseas, is another example of how DC is inciting violence among the people. It is very dangerous what is being torn down in America.

The article goes on, “Kirby was quick to say that the vast majority of men and women who serve in uniform and the military are doing so with honor, integrity, and character, and do not espouse the sorts of beliefs that lead to the kind of conduct that can be so detrimental to good order and discipline and in fact is criminal.

So they will raze the military, hunt for information on people, and expel just a few?  What does that mean exactly?

Still, Austin said in the meeting with military leaders that while the numbers may be small, they are not as small as anyone would like. “No matter what it is, it is … not an insignificant problem and has to be addressed,” Kirby said during a press gaggle in the Pentagon.”

In other words, the Democrat-led, and now owned military, would like to virtue signal during Black History Month and have therefore decreed they have a problem with racists in their ranks, or who are veterans of their ranks, who supported Trump, with no solution to their dramas.

Just get ready, and pay close attention because someone is about to pay a heavy price. And it is most likely someone who has done the naughty deed of supporting Trump.

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