Populist Food For Thought: Dems ‘Livable Wage’ Will Kill Entry Level Work And Force People On Handouts

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Before public schools had Bill Gates’ Common Core curriculum preparing American children to be global assembly line workers and before the Washington DC uniparty was flooding our country with cheap labor, forcing our citizens to compete with illegal immigrants for a living, there was the concept of the “entry-level jobs” or working your way up the ladder of success.

The government has gotten paid very well to fight, for close to a year,  over what kind of handouts to give the American people.  They have not missed a paycheck, nor have they done anything meaningful with their lives, but pretend to serve Americans in that time.

People with jobs have stimulated the economy, purchased what they wanted, and perhaps had an improved quality of life from those who were sitting at home waiting for checks that never came.

“My first jobs were entry-level and low-paying. I didn’t need a specific degree of skill to do them. But they were valuable nevertheless. They taught me important life lessons, such as the importance of showing up on time, getting the little things right, communicating openly with my boss, and establishing priorities. I also learned what I was good at, what type of work I really enjoyed, and the pleasure of a job well done. Without those lessons, I could never have climbed the ladder of opportunity,” Jarett Skorup wrote for The National Review in his recent article titled, What Do Minimum-Wage Hikers Have against Entry-Level Jobs?

“It seems to me that policymakers have forgotten the importance of entry-level jobs. How else can I interpret the growing calls for minimum-wage hikes? Whatever else those policies do, they always cut off the lowest rungs of the ladder of opportunity. It’s almost like our elected leaders don’t want entry-level jobs,” Skorup wrote.

Then again, why do we Americans believe that elected leaders understand anything at all about our actual lives?  How many of them have done anything at all before they were professional politicians?

Consider what raising the minimum wage for entry-level work looks like to real people.

If a person is going to make $15.00 an hour, approx $30,000 for a standard work year, for an entry-level job, then employers are going to expect more than before and hire those with professional experience.

How does that play out in real life? Well, It looks like people with no experience will be unable to get jobs, and people with 5-7 years is considered entry-level.

Indeed the promise of a “livable minimum wage” is something that the far left uses to buy themselves votes for Socialist policies, from people who hate the idea of working their way up the ladder, and guess who is going to hire them?

The Government can say whatever they want to say about who will get paid what for entry-level work, but employers will still set what is considered “entry-level.”

Gone are the days of paper routes, summer pool attendants, fast food workers, janitorial work as entry-level. If entry-level jobs with mandatory minimum wage are for people with college degrees, what is the employment market for people who don’t have college degrees?

Now, without having had a semi-professional, full time paid job, people will not be able to apply for entry-level work.  That is quite a problem.

To many of the Working Class people in America, working their way up is a motivator to achieve new heights,  a strong quality of life indicator is not just keeping what they earned, but also earning what they have.  A common idea that Working Class people claim is that they do not want handouts from the Government.

Expect that those people will be innovative enough to get themselves into the workplace somehow, but they shouldn’t have to struggle like they will; however, gone are the days of people getting paid a minimum wage to sit on their phones or turn in substandard work, or get paid to learn their way to the top.

Democrats are determined to cut jobs and increase welfare, for example, as we learned about Democrat Joe Biden’s first week in office. Still, as we know, one administration grows welfare, and the next administration cuts welfare; that is an exhausting way to go through life.

Politicians should only be concerned with what helps businesses and employers get as many American jobs as possible to support themselves. We had that with President Donald J. Trump for 4 years.

Washington DC hates him for unleashing the American work ethic again, but hating him and impeaching him repeatedly will never change the working class’s mindset.  They will still prefer to work overtake Government handouts.


Populist politician, Vernon Jones of Georgia, switched from the Democrat Party to the Republican party because he supported the working class and their families. To Jones, it is the Republican party that defends and protects the working class.  He wrote about it recently:

It sounds cliche, but we have more elections coming up in 2022. If you don’t like the way Democrats have changed the idea of work- think about who you vote for.




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