President Trump To Be Charged W/ Murder If Maxine Waters Gets Her Way [Video]

Posted by on February 4, 2021 6:48 pm
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We had to include the clip, because without it you would not even believe that this story is true.

You may know Maxine Waters from her previous threats on the President of the United States life and he inciting riots and violence against members of Trump’s government:

This is not just a one time thing for Maxine:

Just listen to her gaslight the audience and Cuomo just let her spew her transparent nonsense.

This woman is dangerous and should be NOWHERE near the levers of power.

Need more evidence?  How about the fact that she wants to lock Trump up for holding a peaceful rally on Capitol lawn

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Far-left Democrat Maxine Waters is famous for inspiring supporters to attack and assault Trump supporters in public.

Rep. Maxine Waters declared war on Republicans during a speech to a fired-up Democrat mob in June 2018.

Two months later a Trump-hating thug tried to stab to death a Republican candidate at a fall festival.

On Tuesday Maxine Waters told MSNBC she wants President Trump charged with premeditated murder over the Capitol Hill riots.

The only one murdered that day was Ashli Babbit who was shot dead in cold blood by a Capitol Hill police officer.

Why is Mad Max still on social media?  NO ONE that I know of has called for violence against public figures more than this woman.

How is she still on Twitter, Facebook or any other platform … it’s not that I do not agree with her communist speech, it’s her calls for violence and insurrection that are ILLEGAL.

The projection Waters spews is the thickest in the entire world, even Hillary herself does not project as much as this ‘lady.’

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