Biden Ends Trump Border Policy, Letting Covid Infected Illegals Into US

Posted by on February 5, 2021 7:18 pm
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Michael Savage says that a nation is defined by three things: borders, language, culture.

The Democrat Party is doing everything they can to change [destroy] at least two of these things.

It’s very clear that the Democrats do not want the United States to have any borders at all, hell, at their ‘protests’ they chant ‘NO BORDERS, NO WALL, NO USA AT ALL’.

That’s silly right, they didn’t really say that, right?  Watch for yourself:

So without borders, what do you think will happen to our culture?  Why on Earth are rioters and looters being, not only released without punishment, but NOMINATED FOR THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE?

What about Covid?  I thought we were terrified of Covid, shouldn’t we be checking everyone who comes into the nation for the virus?

Fox News reports:

‘A perfect storm of events has the Biden administration’s Customs and Border Protectionon its heels in parts of Texas, forcing the agency to begin releasing newly arrived illegal immigrants back into U.S. cities as part of a policy known as “catch and release.”

This is the first time since the surge of 2019 that CBP has been compelled to revive the controversial policy.

It raises concerns the Biden administration’s softer, more welcoming approach will trigger a wave of migrants from Central America that could overwhelm the agency’s limited detention capacity.

This week, President Biden signed immigration-related executive orders, which included revoking then-President Trump’s order ending the so-called “catch and release” policy.

CBP said three factors led to the decision to release illegal immigrant families: an increase of migrant traffic, specifically families from Central America and unaccompanied children; Mexico’s refusal to accept additional families with children under age 12 in areas where migrants camps grow increasingly large, overwhelming the shelter and services; and COVID-19, which has severely reduced Border Patrol detention and transport capacity.

This week, the U.S. said it would add 700 beds for unaccompanied minors at a shelter in Carizzo Springs, Texas, along with 500 additional beds at a processing facility in Donna, also in Texas.

Under court order, the Border Patrol is only permitted to hold migrants up to 72 hours. In some areas of Texas, where migrant apprehensions doubled in the last few months, sectors can no longer meet that mandate. Compounding the problem, in some areas, Mexico is refusing to accept more families under Title 42, the pandemic order imposed by Trump to deny entry to any immigrant, including asylum seekers.

“It’s a significant development that they’re not taking certain family units back under Title 42,” said former DHS Secretary Chad Wolf. “That’s very concerning, because if you’re just doing that in one or two sectors, it’s likely going to manifest itself across that border in the very near future.”

Wolf and others said smugglers and Central American families will exploit the situation, funneling more migrants into weak areas, causing more releases.’

How long until Biden orders Amnesty for all illegals in the country and all coming in?  What do you think will happen when 20 million illegal aliens are given the right to vote, without waiting in line like honest immigrants do?  They won’t even need to rig the elections anymore.

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