Democrats Unilaterally Remove Republican Congresswoman From Her Positions Over Past FB Posts

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No, the House did not vote on removing AOC from her assignments after she tried to get members of the GOP removed from elected positions based on a ENTIRELY FABRICATED LIE.

If you are a completely inexperience, young, female Democrat who shoots her mouth off and makes a mockery of the chamber 98% of the time, you face no consequences.  If you made some social media posts in bad taste BEFORE you were elected, you get cancelled.

The Democrats control the House and they are not bashful, not even a little bit, about rubbing the Republican’s faces in the stain on the floor.

This is why we have a Republic, and this is also why the Democrats want to always talk about Democracy.

Because, once they get the power, they are the two wolves arguing with the sheep over what is for dinner.

The spineless Republicans painted themselves into this corner when they turned their back on the American people, and in my book are just as responsible for what is about to happen to our liberties, our children and our bank accounts as the very Democrats/communists who suggest the tyrannical policies will be.

Today, Democrats voted 100% on party lines for the initial rules on the debate vote concerning the motion against Rep Greene, a true grassroots candidate.

Then the Democrats voted 218 to 209, with 2 Republicans abstaining  to move forward with the motion.

The Gateway Pundit is reporting:

‘In the final vote, Democrats voted 218 to 209 to remove GOP Rep. Greene from her committee assignments.

What a horrible day for the thugs in Congress.

Democrats want to cancel Marjorie Taylor Greene

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke out today in her Congressional struggle session before the Democrat-Marxists hold their vote to remove her from her committee assignments.

This is an unprecedented move by Democrats to remove Republicans from their committee assignments.’

You will never catch me in the same room as Lindsey Graham, but when the man put on that stage show and wagged his finger saying that the Democrats only wanted power, would do anything to get it, and that he hoped they never did, he was right.

The entire world is about to feel the pain and wrath that a few hundred tyrants with lawmaking powers can do to a once prosperous nation.

The GWP went on:

‘These same Democrats have no problem with kiddie fondler Joe Biden as president or anti-Semites Ilhan Omar and Talida Rashid in their fold.’

Here  is a tape of the vote live as it happened:

Just think about this while you watch … AOC and Ilhan Omar were part of the group who canceled a Congresswoman for social media posts from her past.

Of course I don’t agree with everything the woman has posted, but that’s not how this works, her constituents vote her in, she’s their representative.

Democrats clearly do not care about Democracy, seeing as with one vote they took the voice of an entire congressional district away.

However, who cares, they voted Republicans, and we all know Republicans do not have any rights in the country anymore.

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