Hahaha David Hogg Just Made A Total A** Of Himself, How Embarrassing!

Posted by on February 5, 2021 3:33 pm
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David Hogg who is famous for being famous for fifteen minutes has issued a warning to Mike Lindell by announcing a company formed by him and software developer William LeGate to make pillows.

Reports say that Lindell did not fall apart at the news. Hog claims that they are out to prove that progressives are better at running businesses. But, if he runs his business on progressive principles, he could be out of business rather quickly.

Their company is going to be strictly sustainable. (Solar and wind-powered?) That would be a costly proposition and I doubt they actually do it.

They will also be a strict union shop.

I assume they will hire employees that are diverse, meaning they don’t necessarily hire the best people, just ones that can score points with fellow progressives. Will they also hire cheap foreign labor and illegal aliens?

Hogg claims that his product will be better than the MyPillow brand. I have four of the pillows and sets of his sheets and bought Christmas presents from his site and I doubt Hogg can match Lindell’s product.

It will be six months before they are ready to start and they hope to make one million in sales the first year. That is probably a bad day at MyPillow.

Let’s face it, Hogg has not been successful at anything before, why expect him to be now?

From The Blaze

Hogg, who became famous for co-founding activist organization “March for Our Lives” after surviving the Parkland, Fla., mass murder at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, confirmed to Axios that taking on Lindell is his goal.

“Mike isn’t going to know what hit him,” Hogg told the outlet, saying, “this pillow fight is just getting started.” The teen noted that his new venture is expected to launch in six months or so with the goal of selling “$1 million in product within our first year.”

Lindell did not appear phased by the news, telling Axios in response, “Good for them….nothing wrong with competition that does not infringe on someone’s patent.”

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