Jason Chaffetz Makes a Shocking Confession About The Deep State: “I’ve Seen it Up Close and it’s Far Worse Than You Can Imagine”

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ICYMI As more and more text messages exchanged between then-FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and his mistress/then-FBI lawyer Lisa Page are released to the public, the evidence proving that a liberally-driven Deep State exists inside our country’s federal government continues to mount.

Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz penned a piece this week in which he explained his own experiences in the government. He explained that based on his experience, the newly released text messages between Strzok and Page are “the tip of the iceberg.”

Chaffetz explained that during the time that he was serving on the House Oversight Committee, he witnessed disgusting abuse of power carried out by those in control of our country’s bureaucracy. He mentioned manipulation, spying, as well as misleading, all to keep a firm control over the country’s government.

Chaffetz writes:

What I witnessed and wrote about in my new book –“The Deep State: How an Army of Bureaucrats Protected Barack Obama and is Working to Destroy the Trump Agenda” – was a bureaucracy that allowed agencies to become weaponized in the service of political battles.

In the beginning, that meant protecting President Obama by using federal power to target political opponents or by covering the tracks of the corrupt or incompetent within his administration. By the time I left Congress, the Deep State’s focus had shifted to thwarting the administration of the newly elected President Donald Trump.

My first run-in with the Deep State happened weeks after the Benghazi terrorist attacks of September 11, 2012. In an encounter highlighted in my book, I went face-to-face with a lawyer sent to Libya by Hillary Clinton’s State Department to act as a spy and ensure I did not ever get to the truth of what happened on that tragic night.

The Fox contributor explains that when he put his foot down and would not let the State Department attorney to take part in the briefing (due to his insufficient security clearance), he called Cheryl Mills, Clinton Chief of Staff, in order to insist that he gain access to the meeting. He claims that the attorney was attempting to intimidate witnesses.

Chaffetz explains that he was able to get the information he was looking for, however trying to talk to witnesses, looking over documents, and working to pick apart the leftist false narratives was tough.

Congress was unable to obtain numerous important documents from the Deep State, however. And, unfortunately these documents would have either confirmed or denied the Benghazi heroes’ testimony.

These guys aren’t just pros at spying, according to Chaffetz. He explained that high-level senior staffers who have the power to classify, resist disclosure, as well as subvert oversight use other strategies. He explained that the Deep State “manipulates congressional investigations by pretending to cooperate with document subpoenas. Those who are part of the Deep State bury congressional committees in piles of paper ostensibly responsive to the investigation, and then brag to the media about the number of pages they have turned over.”

Chaffetz explained, “In reality, many of those pages will either be fully redacted, duplicates of other pages, or irrelevant to the investigation. The media then dutifully report that the agency has turned over thousands of pages – yet the public gets no answers. Meanwhile, the documents that would actually tell the American people the truth never see the light of day. Misleading the public about the nature of documents sought either by Congress or through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests is another art the Deep State has perfected. Agencies employ lawyers specifically to find reasons to withhold documents.”

A TSA sensitive security information director testified in May of 2014 during a hearing that when hired, lawyers and FOIA processors showed him how to hide information.

The director said during his testimony that he was told, “If you come across embarrassing information or whatever, (the chief counsel) will just hide it and come up with an exemption; because if you cover it with a FOIA exemption it’s so hard for the other person to challenge it, and it will be costly and difficult for them to challenge it, and they’re probably never going to see it anyway, so you just get away with it. That’s the way it’s done.”

Chaffetz speaks more about solutions to these problems in his book/

He explains, The Deep State is not just a conspiracy theory. No less than our very system of separation of powers and checks and balances is at stake.”

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