Biden Regime Is Officially a Totalitarian Tyranny As They Begin Errecting Monuments To Themseleves

Posted by on February 6, 2021 6:33 pm
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Communists and other authoritarians always follow the same playbook.

I’m sure you remember that iconic footage of statues of Saddam Hussein being toppled in Iraq after the Bush crime family killed him:

This is tyrant 101, erect monuments to yourself all over the land you have conquered.

This is something that Iran does, you know Iran, John Kerry’s favorite nation.  Perhaps that’s because both Kerry and Iran want to see the US fall…

Apparently there are murals and depictions of the tyrant who rules the land strewn all over Iran.

These are just a few.

Stalin was famous for all the statues he erected for himself during his rein of terror implementing the same policies that the Biden Administration is beginning to implement.

I could go on and on and on but I think you get the point.

Now, America is following down that same path as these despotic regimes.  At the same time that Biden and his intel communities are looking to label conservatives as ‘domestic terrorists’, monuments to Kamala Harris, the woman that even Democrats can not stand, are being erected in the nation’s Capitol.

Could you imagine if there was a statue or monument erected of Trump on federal land while he was in office?  The media would never stop talking about how tyrannical and despotic it was, and rightfully so.

Notice how this image does not even look like Kamala, but it sure does portray her with features that one would say are more ‘black’ or more commonly found in faces of people of color IMHO:

Here is a close up:

How did we let this happen?  I could care less how much melanin is in our public servants skin, which bathroom they use or who is in their bed at night. What I can not tolerate is tyrants, crooks and criminals controlling the levers of power.

Criminals that are so aware of their criminality that they need to try and justify their existence by erecting monuments to themselves.  Truly scary.

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