Emails Expose The Left’s Insurrectionist Lifestyle, ‘ShutDown DC’ and Others at War with Senators Over Impeachment

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The left is on a power-drunk binge lately, giddy with the ultimate political power they currently have. They are perfectly fine with Americans seeing how their decade’s long insurrection makes machinery works. Organized and well-funded groups speak openly about harassing US Senators in their homes.  In contrast, their political opponents who support President Donald J. Trump, face cancel culture, legal drama, and persecution in the national media for a one-day event that they may not have even attended.

“Finally, we’ll be having an art build open studio today on Zoom from 4-6 pm. If you’re making a banner and have questions, want to brainstorm, or just like having company, call in and we’ll see you then.
This MFer needs to be CONVICTED. In solidarity, Alex + the SDDC art team,” ShutDown DC wrote in an email to me, a group who is targeting the neighborhoods and homes of US Senators they believe will not vote to convict Trump. Full emails below.

How is that ok in today’s political climate? Here is the messaging:  All Trump supporters are insurrectionists because of what happened on an. 6th.  However, everyone else are good citizens practicing their first amendment rights through all of these decades of domestic upheaval.

This article is a few of the current examples of how Community Organizers use social media to organize their resources in a bold campaign against the American Republic, even after they have won everything.

What do they want?  Now they want revenge. Besides that, this is their employment and their lifestyle, they are not going to give it up now:

When a group shows up at a Senator’s house while he is away and intimidates his wife and young children, that is “peaceful”:

Using intimidation tactics to pressure other Senators in their neighborhoods by the same group is ok and the First amendment:

People who oppose are all “conspiracy kooks” and “Qanon”.

Consider this wording, which is acceptable:

“A Fight to the death” is acceptable messaging, branding, and PR and more First Amendment rights:

Talking about bombs, with images of death is ok:

Violence in the streets of DC, where they are talking about shutting down and burning down the city, is appropriate:

The double standards are stark.  The left can talk about violence, overthrow the Republic, harass and intimidate Senator’s families in their homes, vandalize public property, and harm law enforcement, in their recruiting and advertising materials, and be publically celebrated.

The right can not read social media posts or support the President of choice without being labeled racists and domestic terrorists and have their livelihoods threatened through canceled culture.

These leftist tactics have been well known since at least the 1960s, yet Americans have allowed the left to escalate violence, in the name of social justice to point black shooting police officers sitting in cars in broad daylight.

This is one of the numerous occasions where Police Officers have been shot while sitting in their cars:

And Americans have accepted riots and violent attacks in neighborhoods near children with no more than a shrug of the shoulders.

But if they read a message board about Q or make the ‘OK” sign, no.  That is not acceptable because they are domestic terrorists and need to go to a re-education camp. These are real discussions on television “news” media.


This is an email sent to me by the group that wants to “shut down DC”, the same group that is stalking Sen. Josh Hawley, his wife, and his children.

“What’s up, ShutDownDC art team!
You’re on this email because you joined us for a recent art build or training, and that means YOU’VE GOT THE SKILLS to create banners and posters — and a moment is coming up to put those skills to use.

Next week begins the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. We’re setting out to encourage Senators to convict him. On Tuesday and Wednesday next week (Feb. 9 and 10), we’re planning to install banners in strategic locations around DC, and we want your help.

Here are three specific ways we’re looking for folks to get involved:

  • Could you CREATE a banner this weekend? You’ll need a sheet or other lightweight fabric, house paint in any color, and brushes. We’ll suggest some messages; you’ll choose the one you like and paint it. (If you want to do this but need space, let us know, and we can help figure something out.)
  • Could you HANG a banner next week? This would involve getting a banner from one of the creators, procuring zip ties, and then going to a target location and installing it, maybe with a friend or two. We can suggest locations, or you can let us know where you plan to put it.
  • Would you be up for WHEATPASTING smaller posters? We’ll also be creating some smaller (8.5×11 or similar) posters to get wheatpasted around Capitol Hill in places where Senators will hopefully see them. This task involves printing some copies, making wheatpaste, and going for a lovely walk. 🙂 We can send you poster files and paste instructions.

Holler if you are up for one of these roles and we’ll get you started! AS A BONUS we will also have an Art Build Open Studio where our art superstars will be available to answer questions, troubleshoot, or encourage you in any way you need. We’re planning to hold this on Sunday from 4-6 pm, but we might adjust that time based on what we hear this group needs.

This is just some of the fun ShutDownDC has in store for next week and we absolutely want you to be part of it! Let us know what you’re up for and how you feel energized to see justice happen.

In solidarity and creativity!
The SDDC Art team”


“Good Sunday morning y’all 🌨 Justice this week = Donald Trump getting convicted.

Some great stuff is already in the works for this coming week! A small group got together for a banner making session yesterday and we’ve heard from folks on this thread that you’re planning to create banners on your own. We CANNOT WAIT to see what you make.

convict.jpeg This also means we could use help *installing* this week. If you’d be up to get a banner and hang it on Tuesday or Wednesday, reply to this email and we’ll get you connected!
Other folks have expressed interest in wheatpasting. Here’s a folder of printable posters and a quick tutorial on how to make wheatpaste. Print some of those posters or make your own, then go for a walk around capitol hill and send us pics of what you put up!

Finally, we’ll be having an art build open studio today on Zoom from 4-6 pm. If you’re making a banner and have questions, want to brainstorm, or just like having company, call in and we’ll see you then.
This MFer needs to be CONVICTED. In solidarity,
Alex + the SDDC art team.”

The emails include attachments to premade signs and directions on how to “Wheat Paste”.

Americans have been conditioned that no matter how violent or destructive the left gets in their organized insurrection, it is acceptable because they practice their “First Amendment” rights.

And anyone they disagree with has now been marginalized, demonized and faces intense social pressure and even legal problems.

Their insurrection is complete, yet, notice they have not stopped pushing for further demands, because now they want revenge, and the world seems to be their playground.

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