Iran Just Made Biden It’s B****

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During Trump’s presidency members of the former Obama Administration, namely John Kerry, Biden’s ‘climate czar, whatever the hell that is … like some pretty boy who married into a fortune is able to control the climate of the planet … were running a shadow government, undermining the United States’ democratically elected government.

Kerry was caught meeting with Iranian regime members and at the time he was accused by many, including President Trump, if I remember correctly, of violating the Logan Act.

Trump lamented that the violation of the law forbidding anyone from negotiating on behalf of the American people other than those authorized by law was something that no one in the DOJ cared to prosecute.

Ironically, Biden is said to have suggested using the Act against General Flynn in their efforts to frame the General as part of their soft coup against the then Trump transition team.

While Trump was hard on Iran, Biden, Kerry and the rest of the kleptocrats in the current regime are quickly becoming Iran’s bitch.

Newsmax is reporting:

‘Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Sunday the US must “completely lift” sanctions first, followed by verification by Tehran, before the Islamic republic returns to its nuclear deal commitments.

“If they want Iran to return to its commitments … America must completely lift sanctions, and not just in words or on paper,” Khamenei said in a televised speech to air force commanders.

“They must be lifted in action, and then we will verify and see if they have been properly lifted, and then return,” he added.

The 2015 landmark deal has been hanging by a thread since US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from it in 2018 and reimpose sanctions on Tehran.

Tehran a year later suspended its compliance with most key nuclear commitments to the deal.

The new administration of US President Joe Biden has expressed willingness to return to the deal, but insisted that Tehran first resume full compliance.

On January 4, Iran announced it has stepped up its uranium enrichment process to 20 percent purity, far above the 3.67 percent level permitted by the deal, but far below the amount required for an atomic bomb.

Khamenei insisted that the condition set by Tehran for the US is Iran’s “definite policy”.

Iran “will not turn back from” it, he said.

I would look for more money to flow to Iran and for the rogue Islamic Republic, which the Iranian people despise (just like Americans hate the current usurpers in the WH), and I would expect to see them officially declare themselves a nuclear power.

I expect Biden to ignore and try to marginalize Israel, which will likely lead to Israel attacking Iran and then look for Biden to come down on Israel and take Iran’s side.

In Biden’s efforts to undo everything that Trump has done, he is allying with our enemies and even looking at using the military and intel agencies against his political ‘enemies’.

These are truly dangerous times to be alive.

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