Antifa Takes Victory Lap in DC, The Strange Tale of How American Fell into Darkness

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America has been unwilling to address our Republic’s infiltration for decades, and what we are experiencing now is a result of a long campaign to erode our civil liberties from the inside by a highly motivated and dedicated army of social justice warriors.

“Protesters marched through the streets of Washington D.C. late Saturday chanting burn it down,” reported local news about a group of Antifa rioters, this past weekend.

According to, who reported:


Saturday’s events began with a 2 p.m. gathering by the “DC Queer and Trans Black History Month March and Rally,” which was organized by the Total Liberation Collective and the Palm Collective.

Later in the evening, Black Lives Matter protesters marched north from Dupont Circle and then into business districts that included some neighborhoods.”.

A group known by their flag as “Antifa,” who have terrorized Americans for almost 4 years,  is allowed to march through Washington DC neighborhoods, in a sort of victory lap, after the area is shut down and militarized against supporters of President Donald J. Trump.

Communist Organizers have one mission, to topple the Republic and to replace it with a Democracy that is open to authoritarian measures to control the population.  In a Democracy, people do not elect representatives. That is key. Individuals are not sovereign,, and corporations are ruled by a mob of Government workers who are loyal to a dictator because they get rewards that other people do not receive.  Think- Communism, Marxism, Leninism, Maoism; it doesn’t matter; it is all about power over people.

No one has been brave enough to face the mobsters of the left since President Ronald Reagan, who bravely stood up to the Communist Organizers when he was the Democrat Governor of California and directly called them out and the system that was coddling them.


When did the fall of America start?

A group of revolutionaries at Berkley attempted to overthrow the University in 1969,, and President Ronald Regan, who was Govenor at the time,  aptly called them out and the system that was allowing them to believe they could break laws for their social justice demands.

In Community Organizing school, we studied these events as the game plays on how to overthrow local, state,, and federal government bodies.

People should be concerned that the left authoritarian movements are now so comfortable in their Communist Organizing skins that they boldly project their dominance and usurpation from their social media.


Have you wondered what happened to police investigations and trials? There is no longer the idea of trial by jury; there is only trial by politicians in the media.  That is a massive loss of civil liberties for all Americans.

Radical far-left Democrat US Senator Chuch Schumer of New York is seen here in support of the movement, rioting for Eric Garner, that is currently giving cover to radical domestic uprisings in the streets of the nation’s  Capitol, where police seem to be helpless to enact law and order against them.

All while escalating conflicts against their political opponents, the supporters of President Donald J. Trump, who are roundly labeled domestic terrorists for events of Jan 6th, which they may have not even taken part in.

The issue of Eric Garner should not be settled in the streets by an angry democratic mob, but it is.  That is how far we have fallen.

Thanks to politicians like Schumer.


As Barack Obama and Eric Holder know, all Community (Communist) Organizing needs corporate sponsors.  That is a large part of Organizing for the defeat of a Republic.  The left has been hugely successful in gaining corporate sponsors to cooperate, advertise, and,organize violence against Americans and small businesses.

Consider these posts by a poster known as “amuse,” who aptly points out that Bank of America is supporting minority communities by supporting social justice campaigns to organizing minority communities to commit violence against America.

But who would be brave enough on Capitol Hill to call this out today?

We have few people brave enough to be like Ronald Reagan.

Over the weekend, there were marches and conflicts with the police that Americans only would have seen on TV from far away third worlds, which our children are now experiencing on a regular basis in their own neighborhoods.

Seen below is the footage of the protests in DC, which may be the most militarized site in the world at this point, who are helpless to stop Communist Organizers in the street demanding radical changes to our Republic, using violence, harassment, and intimidation tactics of guerilla armies.

And few even notice the double standard that supporters of Trump’s can not rent a hotel room in the city that is overrun with soviet show trials, Marxist organizing tactics, and Maoist humiliation campaigns going on.


The evidence is shocking at how far we have allowed America to fall.

And the propaganda machines are out in force to gaslight Americans. We are the third world now, and it didn’t happen overnight.  The left’s lifestyle of insurrection has been going on for decades, is well supported by the American taxpayers, and is well funded by American corporations.

No one should pretend like they weren’t warned.  We were all warned. Many people voted against it, so thank the Democrat voter for the fall and all the power-seekers who rush to get into office for their “piece of pie” and leave the door open for the Communist Organizers behind them.

This tragedy has many terrible and sorrowful events.


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