KABUKI THEATER: Springsteen And Biden Are Fakes And So Is Their Super Bowl ‘Unity And Worship’

Posted by on February 8, 2021 9:03 pm

Democrats are fantastic at political messaging, branding, and PR, and in creating optics, using cultural marxism to shape public opinion while putting on “Kabuki Theater,” and there are two great examples in recent news to show how they do it.

Literally, kabuki means the art of song and dance, but performances extend well beyond these two elements. Japanese kabuki is an outlandish visual spectacle that focuses more on looks than the story,” according to Japanese media.

Democrats are masters of raising emotions from images with absolutely zero authenticity, and Americans need to learn to be more discerning.


Democrat Joe Biden, who wants America to see him as a pious religious Catholic, has a team of people pumping up fake stories.

Here is proof that Biden’s PR team is re-using photos meant to persuade people that Biden is attending church:

The “Rosary” is a nice touch.


The first example is a far-left radical Democrat musician who supports a party that pushes heavy regulations on small business and pro-Global economic policy, all while holding himself out as a Populist Champion of the little guy.

Yes, he makes some good tunes, but he supports the party of Marxism and Communism. His highly promoted performance for the Superbowl on Sunday is full of images of him lighting candles, and worship as a Christian is ridiculous.

The AP promoted Bruce Springsteen’s video and added some positive PR to the highly produced Hollywood drama, meant to shift public opinion to “Unity,” and reported:

“Jeep starred iconic singer Bruce Springsteen in his first-ever ad promoting the idea of unity. The ad shows scenes of middle America, including a small chapel in Lebanon, Kansas, near the geographic center of the country. Springsteen visits the chapel and lights a candle.

“It’s no secret the middle has been a hard place to get to lately, between red and blue, servant and citizen, freedom and fear,” Springsteen intones, adding, “we need the middle.”

Springsteen scored the ad and contributed to adapting the script, which is from Michigan ad agency Doner.

The ad echoed, without explicitly mentioning, President Joe Biden’s calls to summon American resilience and unity to confront the nation’s deep divisions. Springsteen also performed remotely at the prime-time celebration following Biden’s inauguration last month.

During a year when most advertisers shunned the serious for a light-hearted tone, Olivier said it was worth taking the risk on a serious ad to create a “healing” commercial that will be remembered long after the game.

There’s a divide and Bruce wants to do one thing, speak to the common ground,” he said. “It doesn’t take a stand, left or right, blue or red, the only stand it takes is the middle.”


It is interesting to note that Springsteen, who often bashed President Donald J. Trump for his pro-small business, pro-working class “America First” policies, wants “unity” in the of Joe Biden, the fake church attendee now.

Recall in October when Fox News reported on Springsteen’s “unifying ideas”:

Bruce Springsteen said the White House is in need of an “exorcism” in the latest installment of his radio show, “From My Home to Yours,” that was focused both on Halloween and the upcoming 2020 election.

The singer, who is a very outspoken critic of President Donald Trump’s and even recently said he would move to Australia if he were reelected, shared clips from his E Street Radio program on SiriusXM in which he criticized the president and first family for their apparent lack of culture and values while in the White House.

“It is time for an exorcism in our nation’s capital,” he begins. “Welcome to our Halloween/Election Day monster mash. This is Vol. 14 of ‘From My Home to Yours’ titled ‘Farewell to the Thief.’ In just a few days, we’ll be throwing the bums out. I thought it was a f—ing nightmare, but it was so true.”

What the country needs to heal is to exorcise Kabuki drama out of politics.

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