Obama Trained Tens of Thousands of Marxist Activist Insurrectionists, Here is Proof from 2017

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While the hunt is on to find “insurrectionists’ against the United States Government, it is curious why law enforcement, the media, and politicians are not at all concerned about the decades-long insurrectionist movement that includes top political leaders like Eric Holder and Barack Obama.

Paul Sperry, a reporter for the New York Post, wrote on Saturday about the FBI’s strange behavior.

Sperry took the opportunity to remind his reader about a report he gave then-Fox News host Lou Dobbs, about where he discussed a ‘shadow government organization meant to sabotage President Donald J. Trump.


“New York Post columnist Paul Sperry joined Dobbs to discuss Obama’s shadow govt organization to sabotage President Trump. Sperry: Obama’s trained tens of thousands of organizers already in Alinsky tactics at his boot camps. 232k views 1.7m likes,” Sperry wrote.


” You have an Obama friendly media, and they are going to keep trying to cover all of this up. They will keep it on the QT as long as they can so that Obama can get this shadow government and build this up.  I don’t think Republicans know what they are up against. He is quietly building this shadow government to sabotage Trump, and Republicans are not paying attention.  He is doing this thru a radical Alinsky group called Organizing for Action (OFA). They have an army of agitators, and they are going to be fanning out and going out to hit Republicans even harder at town halls,” Sperry said.


Dobbs said something interesting in the 2017 video with Sperry:  “And we see some of that play out in professional Town Hall meetings, some of them being styled as being Republicans and Conservatives who are rising against the Republicans and Conservative Representatives.”

“We believe there are close to 30,000 organizers.  They turned the campaign into a 501C4. They are professionally trained agitators.  Over 32,000 have gone thought, and 25,000 more, and the protests are going to hit hard,” Sperry said in 2017.

“BREAKING: FBI raiding homes of Trump supporters who were not inside Capitol, including DEA agent who had gun & credentials confiscated. But most case files read: “Interviewed, participated in 1st A activities, closed.” Same scrutiny not applied to Antifa/BLM agitators who were there,” Sperry wrote on Saturday.

Saul Alinsky is considered the modern “Father of Community Organizing” who perfected a cold detachment from all morality and ethical constraints, teaching his followers in tactics used by psychopaths and totalitarian regimes how to deceive people and corrupt an open society.

Alsinlsy was instrumental in the riots, uprising, and corruption of the American church in the 1960’s teaching groups to unify with each other from the upper-class suburbs to the guerilla third-world urban areas, all under his ideas put forth in Rules For Radicals.

Alinsky taught Revolutionary, Radicals, and Insurrections how to lie, why to lie and keep lying without concerns about getting caught.

There are numerous organizing manuals with merged ideas of Community Organizing with Marxists, Leninists, and Maoists, all movements to destroy individual civil liberties.


And they are open about their purpose, even offering college classes and degrees in Community Organizing, which is to go around the US voter,  making social changes where they can not get voter support.

ACORN is a community Organizing group from the mid-to-late 1970’s that many people are familiar with. ACORN-Organizing-Model

There are more recent manuals.

Here is a 2012 manual on defunding the police, written by Kamala Harris’ sister, that helped develop the Trayvon Martin events to bring about a movement to defund police departments: ORGANIZEDFORCHANGE_FINAL

Indivisible is the movement to take over Town Halls: indivisibleguide_2017-03-09_v10

And there are many more “tool kits” and organizing manuals to teach people how to overthrow the US Republic by forcing social justice demands to go around the US Voter.

Barack H. Obama is the world’s most famous Community Organizer, and he never stopped organizing. Sperry’s reminders this week should help us understand our current state of affairs.

Barack Obama and generations of activists and Community Organizers developed a system with a “multi-pronged” from cultural marxism to government policy to law enforcement that was an attack against our mutual Republic, and most Republicans have ignored all of the danger signs, prefer to accepting the corruption rather than face it. The American media has provided cover for them all.

“Will the Liberal media report on any of this?” Dobbs asked in 2017?

Well, have you heard about it before?

People in DC knew full well what was happening, the following is from a 2018 New York Times article:

“The political committee formed by former President Barack Obama is preparing to mobilize for the 2018 midterm campaign, targeting more than two dozen congressional races and several key state elections with a program aimed at turning out Democratic-leaning voters.

The group, Organizing for Action, which emerged from the vestiges of Mr. Obama’s old campaign operation, intends to deploy organizers in 27 Republican-held congressional districts that could be key to a Democratic takeover of the House of Representatives. Their mission, officials with the group said, will be to coordinate and train volunteers and deploy them to help Democrats in states from California to North Carolina.

In addition, the organization will focus on several elections that may affect the redrawing of the congressional map after the 2020 census; these include races for governor in states such as Florida and Wisconsin and redistricting-themed ballot referendums in Colorado and Michigan. Organizing for Action previously announced it would partner in 2018 with a committee led by Eric H. Holder Jr., Mr. Obama’s former attorney general, to attack legislative gerrymandering in the midterms.

The new effort offers fresh insight into Mr. Obama’s political agenda for 2018: The Organizing for Action campaign emerged in part from a February meeting between the former president and strategists including Katie Hogan, the group’s executive director. In the meeting, Mr. Obama conveyed in no uncertain terms that recapturing the House and helping Democrats gain more influence in the redistricting process were two of his top goals, people familiar with the conversation said.”

“This is an all-hands-on-deck moment for the progressive movement,” he said. “We’re fired up that O.F.A. can play its part by doing what we do best — community organizing.’’

And just like Steve Bannon, strategist to President Trump has repeatedly said, “Show me a Community Organizer and I will show you someone who will kick your ass.”

Bannon knows.  And now we all should know.

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