Ever Heard About the Drug Ivermectin? It’s Being Touted by Doctors as a Miracle Cure For Coronavirus

Posted by on February 9, 2021 3:03 am

Have you heard anything about the drug Ivermectin?

Well, researchers in Australia say that the drug could cure coronavirus in as little as 48 hours.   Wait, what?  One doctor there said Ivermectin makes corona very simple to kill.

Again, what?

The drug so far hasn’t been used to treat coronavirus specifically, as it is usually used to treat parasitic infections.  However, a peer-reviewed study done by Monash University in Australia found back in April that even a single dose of the drug could kill coronavirus in less than 48 hours.

The drug is well-established and has been available since the 1970s.  It is FDA approved and is on the World Health Organization’s list of “essential medicines.”  This means it has very few side effects and is considered one of the safest drugs in the world.  In 2011, a scientific journal in Japan, where the drug is originally from, referred to Ivermectin as a “Wonder Drug” in the same league as penicillin and aspirin.

The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) organization which is led by three medical doctors who know how to get headlines, posted their own review and analysis of the literature on Ivermectin to their website.  These doctors held a presser in early December and one of them testified at a Senate hearing on early treatments for COVID-19.

These doctors say that Ivermectin has a special combination of anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties in it that make it very useful as a prophylactic and for treating early as well as late-stage illness.

Is this drug too good to be true?  Not according to FLCCC co-leader Paul Marik, MD, and Chief of pulmonary and critical care medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk.  He co-authored the review and meta-analysis that was based on studies that came from outside the United States.

“People are dying,” Marik said during an interview. “We treat patients at the bedside. We don’t have the ivory tower syndrome where you tell people what to do though you have no idea what you’re doing.”

These guys definitely would have been censored on Facebook and Twitter the same way that other group of medical doctors was when they talked about how well Hydroxychloroquine works.

The members are mostly critical care physicians and they say they don’t find the need for more data because Ivermectin

Mostly critical care physicians, the members of the group don’t have a need for more data and argue it would be unethical to give a placebo to patients given the established safety of ivermectin.

The FLCCC was created back in March 20202, pretty much at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States.  The purpose at first was to have a way to keep each other up to date on the latest COVID-19 science.  According to Marik, the members of the group knew each other prior to this mainly through their common interest in working with vitamin C.

Dr. Marik is known for creating the HAT protocol for sepsis.  It is a mixture of hydrocortisone, vitamin C, and thiamine.

Meanwhile, Dr. Marik is upset about the politicization of COVID-19.  He said that the group is frustrated that their work is being championed by the political Right and they’re upset it’s been politicized at all.  Well, it wasn’t the Right that politicized the virus, that would be the Democrats who used it to force lockdowns on the American people, to close down small businesses, and to keep our children out of school, all to harm Donald Trump in the 2020 election by placing blame on the president.  The political Right is only fighting back against draconian measures taken by Democrat governors and mayors especially when they find out that there are treatments out there that work that are being censored and blocked by the censoring Tech Giants, the Fake News media industry, and the Democratic Party is a whole.

“This is not a political issue and it should never be,” Marik said. “We are driven by the science and the data, not by politics or anything else.”  And the science says that this drug kills coronavirus, and that’s all the Right is pointing out.

If it’s not political then how come YouTube removed a video of a news report about the use of Ivermectin that I uploaded to use for this story merely seconds after it was finished uploading?  They told me that they reviewed the video and it was removed because it was misinformation about COVID-19.  First off, the video is almost 4 minutes long so how could they review it, make a reasoned determination, then mark it as misinformation in under 5 seconds?

“It angers me, when I hear that it’s a conspiracy, that this virus doesn’t exist, that there aren’t that many deaths,” he added. “You have to come to the ICU and see that people are dying to realize this is no hoax, this is real.”   That’s based on the lie that the Democrats said about Trump.  Donald Trump never said that the virus was a hoax, he said that the way the Left was hyping it up was a hoax and he was right.  We now find out that COVID-19 has a 99 percent survival rate, so then why did they take all the draconian measures?

I want to know why the people who knew about Ivermectin treating COVID-19 so efficiently didn’t say anything when they figured out it worked on COVID-19 patients back in April.  A lot of people who died from the virus could have been saved if these doctors spoke up.  Nobody denies them the right to follow through with the scientific method, but when people are dying and you have knowledge of a drug that seems to be working miracles that could save people’s lives, why wouldn’t you say something?

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