RAFFENSPERGER’S REVENGE: Republican SOS to Investigate Most Popular Republican POTUS of Our Lifetime, Over Phone Call

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The embattled and humiliated Secretary of State, Republican Brad Raffensperger, has offered the radical far-left a happy surprise, announcing that he will use Georgia state funds to persecute further his political opponent, President Donald J. Trump over the exposure Trump gave the bizarre behavior by election officials there.

“The Georgia Secretary of State’s office has opened an investigation on former U.S. President Donald, over allegations that Trump attempted to overturn the state’s 2020 election results,” Reuters reports.

The propaganda media is delighted, seizing the opportunity to discredit Trump, the very popular Republican president:

Beginning election night Raffensperger came under intense scrutiny around the country for his blatant anti-Trump antics and highly suspicious approach to counting votes.  .His dubious defense of obvious flaws in Georgia’s election procedures make him a household name in the months after the election, especially as he battled Trump over election integrity issues, refusing to allow any transparency on ballot harvesting tactics used there.

Then in January, before the certification, Raffensperger and his lawyer orchestrated a stunt where they recorded a phone call involving Trump and then immediately ran to the Democrat allied media outlet to “leak” the American public call in an attempt to marginalize the corrupt behavior by Rafensperger and frame Trump.


Reuters reported: “I want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have. Because we won the state,” Trump said in the phone call leaked by The Washington Post.

“The Secretary of State’s office investigates complaints it receives,” Communications Manager for Voter Education Walter Jones told Reuters. Adding, the investigation is “fact-finding and administrative.”

“Any further legal efforts will be left to the attorney general,” Jones said.

Trump, in the phone call, was discussing auditing the ballot total, referring to the margin of victory he needed to cross in Georgia, and Raffensper continued to refuse to allow the Trump campaign to investigate that margin, in a highly suspicious pattern of behavior from him.

Senior advisor to President Trump, Jason Miller, said in a statement that if Raffensperger “didn’t want to receive calls about the election, he should have run for Secretary of State”:


Some people speculate that Raffensperger and his lawyer’s strange behavior was to cover up very corrupt behavior attributed to the Secretary of State for a long time. Attorney Lin Wood, who is also a target of Raffensperger, wrote on his Telegram account Monday:

“First, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger threatens to investigate me under a false claim that I was not a resident of Georgia in November of 2020.

Now Brad tells Reuters he has opened an investigation of President Donald Trump because of the President’s legitimate attempt to reverse the state’s fraudulent 2020 election results.

Okay. Every investigation should be a two-way street. It is time to have federal authorities conduct a thorough investigation of Brad and his son, Kyle Raffensperger, and their connections to Tendon Systems LLC, Post Tension Services Inc., Belladrum Equipment Leasing, Inc., and Colony Bank.”

So there may be more to the story on what is Raffensperger is covering up with his attempts to drag Trump and his supporters through the court.

The story of the 2020 Presidential election is apparently far from over.

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