“This is a Kangaroo Court”, Tom Norton, Candidate for Congress, Makes Perfect Case

Posted by on February 9, 2021 9:03 pm

Conservatives call for the sham impeachment drama to be canceled because it is not constitutional to impeach a former officeholder or a US Citizen, both of which describe Donald J. Trump.

“Because the 45th president is now a private citizen, impeachment proceedings are rendered null and void,” Jason Miller, a senior advisor to President Donald J. Trump, told Fox News on Monday.

Miller is joined by Tom Norton, who is the first Republican candidate to sign up to primary 10 Republican House members who voted in January to impeach Trump.

“If you were in this situation, wouldn’t you want the jury to be unbiased?” Norton asked, point out the reasons why it is wrong to have the US Senate, who are witnesses, victims, jury, and judge over the sham impeachment proceedings.

Norton says that the impeachment should be canceled.

Norton will face a newly elected US House Rep from Michigan, Peter Meijer, who admitted that his support of impeaching Trump could end his very short political career.

Norton also hammers Meijer on his support of the Chinese Communist Party.

According to Freepresses.com:

“There’s nothing more infuriating than a 33-year-old billionaire talking down to constituents days after he took office. But that’s exactly what happened when Peter Meijer (MI CD3) made the rounds on Sunday talk shows defending his vote to impeach former President Donald Trump.

Meijer won his election seat running as a Trump ally to replace libertarian Justin Amash, who voted to impeach Donald Trump in the 2019 charade.

Like Amash, however, Meijer has gained popularity with never-Trumpers, leftists, and globalists by “bravely” siding with the establishment to impeach Donald Trump.

But Meijer’s sudden pivot to throw conservative populism under the bus may be more than just an act of cowardice, or an attempt to fit in with the cool kids of Washington.

Like his predecessor, Meijer appears to have a conflict of interest making him more susceptible to the Cheney globalist wing of the Republican Party.

The Meijer family retail grocery stores runs more than 250 retail box stores across the Midwest. And like Walmart, it’s safe to say that these superstores serve as a Chinese retailer.

In fact, Sourcing Journal reported on Meijer’s opening of a “direct sourcing office in Hong Kong” in 2014. The article quotes CEO Hank Meijer as saying, “As a major and central hub for business in Asia, Hong Kong appeared to be the most efficient and business-friendly place to start our operations.”


Norton, who jumped into the race for 2020, ran to primary Justin Amash over Amash’s drive to impeach Trump in 2019 and now faces Meijer, who also ran against Amash, and then, in an extraordinary switch, voted to impeach Trump.

And there is Norton, standing on not Impeaching Trump still.

In a video released on Monday, Norton laid out his reasoning for challenging Meijer, and why he said, America now is facing a Kangaroo Court, and why the impeachment trial should be canceled.

“You cannot be a witness & victim to a “crime” and also be the judge & juror. The only three senators eligible to even judge this trial are Warnock, Ossoff, and Padilla because they were not there that day! For that reason, the impeachment trial should be IMMEDIATELY canceled.” Norton posted on Twitter.


Norton released a statement from his campaign site last week and posted on Facebook:

“The President only had 8 days left. Yet Democrats and 10 Rhino’s voted to impeach Donald J. Trump. Now, these same individuals are Praising Liz Cheney. Why? Because the 10 think that Trump’s policies are dead. The Impeachment and Trial will destroy what little is left of the Constitutional process and integrity.

Impeachment will make Trump into a martyr. Americans did not get pissed and fight for Trump because he’s Donald Trump. They fought for him because for 30 years, the Establishment of both parties said the middle class is done, we are shipping your jobs overseas.

The establishment destroyed the real American dream, and left all of us behind. The American Dream is not a house, it is not a car, it is the concept that you can go further than your parents and that your children can go further than you. Donald Trump, in 4 short years, gave that dream back to millions of Americans.

He restored their hope. He was not the perfect messenger; However, Trumpism is not about Trump it is about Americans having the opportunity to excel and reach for the stars. That’s not Trump, that isn’t Trump‘s policies alone, It is the freedom which every generation should be born into and should believe they can accomplish. I’m Tom Norton. I am running against Peter Meijer, one of the 10 that are assaulting that American dream, donate today. Let us fight for America Together. https://secure.anedot.com/tom-norton-for-congress/donate”

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