Video: Doddering Joe Stumbles While Boarding Air Force One

Posted by on February 9, 2021 8:48 pm
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How on Earth did we end up with a senile old man posing as the ‘leader of the free world’?

After all we know about the Biden family, for instance the drug addict son and his tens, if not hundreds of millions in shady deal with CCP  connected hustles.

Joe Biden himself threatening the law enforcement arm of another sovereign nation (who was investigating his son’s shady ass company) to drop the charges on a corrupt company, while holding a billion dollar loan over their heads.

The fact that man had brain surgery and has never been the same since, and don’t tell me that it was a ‘stutter’, Joe just is not all there.

Hell, the man can not even walk up stairs … just like that other Democrat Presidential candidate who lost to Trump … HRC, remember her?

Remember this?

The GWP opined:

’78-year-old doddering Joe stumbled while boarding Air Force One this week.

After spending the weekend in his Delaware basement bunker, Biden departed New Castle Air National Guard Base to head back to the DC swamp

Joe Biden jogged up the steps to board Air Force One in an attempt to look spry, but he ended up tripping over his feet.’


Here’s another angle Ladies & gentlemen, the ‘leader’ of the free world …. How far America has fallen.  So sad.

This is a sad, sad time for the American people.

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