Video: Trump Spotted Woman In Crowd Having Medical Issue … Took Immediate Action

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It’s easy to forget how great it was to have a president like Trump who truly cared about the American people.  Here is a story from the past that will make you remember just hot great Trump was …

At Trump’s Redding, CA rally, the temperature was reportedly 105 degrees. Thousands of attendees had been standing for 5+ hours to see Trump take the podium. Apparently the sweltering heat overwhelmed at least 1 woman in the crowd and Trump stopped the rally to make sure she received proper medical attention.


In the middle of Trump’s speech, the heat finally took its toll on one woman in the crowd. It happened while Trump was in the middle of blasting the media.

“No matter what we do, you know, it’s funny, The New York Times puts me on …(pause) what?” That’s when Trump noticed the sick woman.

“Get a medic, please,” he said, pointing out into the audience. “Medic. Okay? Okay. You just take it easy, girl. Take it easy. It’s hot out here, right?” he said to the audience.He pointed to the woman was to the medics saying, “Medic, medic right over here.”

We love you, ma’am. We love you,” Trump reassured the woman. The medics reached the woman while Trump put his speech on hold and he asked, “Is she okay?” and gave a thumps up to the crowd which gave the woman a rousing applause.

“We want to make sure she’s okay. She was here for 5 hours- some of you have been here for 7 or 8 hours,” Trump said.

He spoke to the woman and said “we love you, are you okay?” Then, as she was helped by medics, Trump said, “Give her a hand, everybody. Give her a hand.”

Here’s the video- awesome:

YouTube video via Ryan Led

Of course, you will NEVER see this on the mainstream media. But this is the kind of man Donald Trump is. He is the polar opposite of Obama or Hillary. He is REAL.

Absolutely wonderful!

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