CCP FIRST: Unlike Beijing ‘America First Policies Leave USA Behind’, Freidman Tells Cuomo

Posted by on February 10, 2021 12:03 am

If you want to understand the division between your overlords in Washington DC, think about how they view the Chinese Communist Party, and what they think about the role of a Chinese Superpower running the United States of America, because that is what we are up against.

“I am so impressed with Joe Biden, his style is so healthy, and I am so impressed with him,” said Tom Freidman, a far-left, pro-Communist New York Times political pundit, while pushing for Democrats to demand secret votes in the US House and Senate, completely overthrowing the idea of a Constitutional Republic.

“I was thinking about what they are doing in China today.  Do you know that it takes 4 hours and 18 minutes to take the bullet train? From Beijing to Shanghai, and it takes 21 hours to take the train from New York to Chicago about the same distance.  I’ll tell you something they were not thinking about in China this week; they were not thinking about some knucklehead who claimed 911 didn’t happen.  They were not thinking about some guy who is a Qanon shaman,” Friedmans very weirdly slipped into his discussion about the Impeachment “trial”.

Freidman hates Trump’s “America first” agenda apparently and prefers Biden and the communist Party.

Once upon a time, it was acceptable to believe that the United States should be the world’s superpower and that it was good for Americans to have control over our elected civil servants, but those days are gone.  Now we are pitted against each other based upon our views of how much power the CCP should have over our affairs.

One look no further than American mainstream media. On Monday,  CNN’s Chris Cuomo show “Prime Time” was a spokesperson for a strong China with impressive influence upon the President of the United States.

Tom Freidman gushed and glowed enthusiastically when talking about China and about China’s powerful hold on Democrat Joe Biden, who, according to Freidman, will be sharing a sort of “bromance” with the head of the Communist party.

Freidman was over the top in ecstasy talking about the CCP, and seen on the video footage below:

“China was nothing about bad stuff with the Uyghurs, but I guarantee you they were not wasting their time on this nonsense like we do week after week and month after month as if we are a serious country. We are a deeply unserious country right now,” Freidman said, mocking trump’s concerns for the murder rate of Muslims in China at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.

“We need to put this crap behind us and get focused on the future. Because right now, we are going to be falling further and further behind. That is what is on my mind. I am praying for Joe Biden because I think he is a serious guy, and he is trying to do the right thing.  And he is cursed with a Republican party who is chasing a mad man…” he said.

Watch the weird exchange below and ask yourself why the idea of putting America and Americans first in America with American products and jobs, would cause this sort of dramatic reaction in an American?

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