Senate Republicans Betray Trump & Constitution, Here’s Who We Vote Out

Posted by on February 10, 2021 4:18 am
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The first question that comes to mind upon hearing this terrible and asinine news is ‘how much’?

How much?  What was it that these 6 poor souls got in return for throwing logical, the Constitution, truth, President Trump and quite frankly, perhaps the future of this country down the drain?

Equally as interesting: Who wrote the checks?

The Gateway Pundit explained:

‘After initial arguments from the House prosecution team and from President Donald Trump’s attorneys, the US Senate voted 56 to 44 to proceed with the impeachment trial of private citizen Donald J. Trump.

Senate Democrats and six Republicans voted on Tuesday to move forward with the impeachment trial.

Republicans voting to join the Democrats in this unprecedented assault on our constitution:

** Ben Sasse

** Pat Toomey

** Susan Collins

** Lisa Murkowski

** Mitt Romney

** Bill Cassidy

Senator Cassidy joined the five senators who earlier voted on Rand Paul’s point of order that this slapdash impeachment is constitutional.”

This was not only more than likely unconstitutional to have a trial in the Senate for a private citizen, this is political suicide as Trump still enjoys a 90% or so approval rating among the GOP.

The only silver lining is that water decades of slowly selling us out to the leftist authoritarians, Chinese communists and anyone else with a check book, the GOP will soon be a thing of the past.

May a Constitutional Party take it’s place, one where statesmen are election, not politicians.  Trump was FAR from perfect, but I do believe he wanted to put America first.  Sadly, today merely caring more about the nation that elected you than the rest of the world is all it takes to get my support.

This is a sad, but true, statement.

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