America Is Screwed: Biden Admits ‘China Is Going To Eat Our Lunch’ After Call With His Boss, CCP’s Xi

Posted by on February 11, 2021 6:33 pm
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I kind of feel bad for Joe Biden, not only does his wife boss him around, he has a more fearsome, and more dangerous master: Chinese Communist Party Dictator, Xi Jinping.

Joe Biden hosted a meeting featuring four U.S. senators, from both crime syndicates (Democrats and Republicans)  in the Oval Office this morning.  The topic?  Infrastructure.

During the photoshoot/propaganda side show, Biden discussed his 2 hour phone call last night with his REAL boss, the Communist China President, Xi Jinping

Joe Biden stammered:

“If we don’t get moving they’re going to eat our lunch. They have major, major new initiatives on rail and they already have rail that goes 225 miles an hour with ease.

They’re working, they’re working very hard to do what I think we’re gonna have to do.

And I think the automobile industry is already there and so is labor, they’re gonna, they’re working very hard to try to move into a position where they end up being the source of a, of a new way in which to power automobiles (Biden laughs) um which they’re going to invest a lot of money.

They’re investing billions of dollars in dealing with a whole range of issues that relate to transportation, the environment and a whole range of other things. We just have to step up…”’

Transcript thanks to The Gateway Pundit.

I wonder why no one in the Intel Community has leaked this call yet?  How many orders did the dictator pass along to Biden?

I can not stress how dangerous it is to have the President of the United States family involved in billion dollar deals with firms tied to the CCP, it give our #1 adversary … which just so happens to be a totalitarian communist regime, ENORMOUS leverage over US policy …

Maybe I’m crazy, but what if all these mandated lockdowns were meant to crush the US economy, destroy the moral/health of the American people and pave the way for the ‘Chinese Century’?  Ask yourself this next time Biden float cutting travel to Florida and other states which are refusing to run their economies into the side of the mountain voluntarily …

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