Committeeman Project: For Those Brave Souls Who Continue to Work for Liberty, ‘Don’t Give Up The Ship’

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As Americans stand by hopelessly unable to stop the left’s shore bombardment of our Republic, watching as our own government escalates the managed decline of our way of life, citizens will find themselves at a crossroads looking down one lonely and depressing road to giving up their political activism and looking down another rocky road of chasing after liberty and freedom.

“The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy to Take Back the Republican Party and then America at the Ballot Box,” one American activist wrote, looking down the road toward activism and action.


Dan Schultz leads the neighborhood Precinct Committeeman project.

Can you spare two minutes to hear why you shouldn’t give up?

Some people are talking about a different road, a”Third Party,” but most people know that is a massive undertaking and too risky. Yes, the GOP is a hot mess; however, we really have two choices.  Jump back in or give up.

Warriors who walk toward action may have no idea what is left to try after experiencing a devastating 2020 Presidential election that exposed the world that nothing works right in American politics.

That is because nothing does work right! Yet, consider that the opportunity to change what is broken may have never been brighter, but it will take people to join the GOP and then make it over.

That is a lot to ask people.

The remaining rocky road to victory will lead to remaking the Republican Party into a real opposition party. One that is filled with unafraid people to defend American ideals in the face of dark Marxism.  And that is going to take a doable plan and great communication efforts.

Here is where the real hope is located.

Until now, we have not had both a plan, leaders, and a hub of communication working together.

Enter Steve Bannon’s WarRoom podcast on Real America’s Voice and Schultz’s  GOP Committeeman Project, who together will be able to make a significant impact on the 2022 elections.

Watch Bannon and Schultz on the WarRoom below:

Steve Bannon, one of the top political strategists in the United States, one who is both behind the Breitbart News movement and the MAGA Movement that elected President Donald J. Trump.

Now that Bannon has elevated this plan look for it to see some great success.

Bannon has Schultz on a frequent guest on his podcast to talk about the new Precinct leaders, and that is going to be very encouraging for people, watch for a movement to gather.

Here are links to Bannon’s WarRoom, and Schultz’s social media and website.

I have served as a precinct leader myself,  it was so easy I literally walked into a meeting, and I was made a precinct leader. It was that easy.   The downside is that the meetings are long, frustrating, and tedious, and that is why I add to this plan, get friends to join with you and make it fun. I made some great friends, met lots of influential people, and had some great laughs as well. If fun people are involved, there will be lots of fun.

GOP. Schultz has all of the information on how to get started on his website.


How To Get Into The Real Ball Game Of Politics Where You Live To Help Donald J. Trump Make America Great Again.]

Now, perhaps if this inexpensive, very brief book becomes a best-seller among conservatives, and enough of the conservatives who read it carry out the simple actions required to become “voting members” of the Republican Party — precinct committeemen — the probability of President’s Trump’s re-election — now in 2024 — will go up significantly, as precinct committeemen are instrumental in getting to the polls the 35% or so of Trump supporters who need a gentle reminder, from a fellow Trump supporter, to go vote.  (The book is also available as an e-book.)

Watch Bannon’s WarRoom Podcast Daily 10 AM -12 PM Eastern and 5 PM Daily on Real America’s Voice- Perhaps we will even see you on Bannon’s show.


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