Failed Democrat President Candidate, Amy Klobucher’s, Dramatic Rendition of President Trump’s Speech

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On Wednesday, Amy Klobuchar lied about a speech given by the President of the United States during her appearance on mainstream media to help build the dramatic cause meant to humiliate the political opponents of the Democrat Party.

Americans are being bombarded with the fury of the failed political establishment who is utilizing every method of revenge against Populist President Donald J. Trump because he had the nerve to do what they have refused to do for generations, put Americans first.

Failed Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar has doubled down on attacks of her political opponent and is openly lying on CNN as if the network is an extension of the US Congress floor, where she is legally allowed to lie under the Speech and Debate clause of the US Constitution.

Behavior like Klobuchar’s begs the question, does her superior protection to lie extend to media and social media?

“BREAKING: Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar just misled CNN viewers by claiming that President Trump in his Jan 6 Ellipse speech told supporters to go to the Capitol and “go wild.” Transcripts show Trump never said such a thing. In fact, Trump encouraged supporters to go “peacefully,” reporter Paul Sperry posted on Twitter.

So as US politicians seek revenge against Trump and his supporters by toxifying Americans and their concerns over the loss of freedom and liberty, the question on many people’s minds is, “why are civil servants allowed to lie?”

Because they have immunity, so when we vote, we want to think about who we are giving these extraordinary powers to because they may use it against us.  What is the remedy for a government body that is boldly lying like Klobuchar?  That is unknown at this time because we have never faced this level of crisis before.


According to Cornell Law, the privilege of special immunity from the truth for members of the US Congress is explained as:

“This clause represents “the culmination of a long struggle for parliamentary supremacy. Behind these simple phrases lies a history of conflict between the Commons and the Tudor and Stuart monarchs during which successive monarchs utilized the criminal and civil law to suppress and intimidate critical legislators.

Since the Glorious Revolution in Britain, and throughout United States history, the privilege has been recognized as an important protection of the legislature’s independence and integrity.”

So Justice Harlan explained the significance of the Speech or Debate Clause, the ancestry of which traces back to a clause in the English Bill of Rights of 1689 and the history of which traces back almost to the beginning of the development of Parliament as an independent force.

“In the American governmental structure, the clause serves the additional function of reinforcing the separation of powers so deliberately established by the Founders.”

“The immunities of the Speech or Debate Clause were not written into the Constitution simply for the personal or private benefit of Members of Congress, but to protect the integrity of the legislative process by insuring the independence of individual legislators.”

The protection of this clause is not limited to words spoken in debate. “Committee reports, resolutions, and the act of voting are equally covered, as are ‘things generally done in a session of the House by one of its members in relation to the business before it.’ ”

Thus, so long as legislators are “acting in the sphere of legitimate legislative activity,” they are “protected not only from the consequence of litigation’s results but also from the burden of defending themselves.

We are facing dangerous times when US political are using the US Government’s weight against each American, whether they voted for or supported Trump because it is clear that they have no self-control in their power grabs.  It is unclear what the remedy is because we have never been here before, but as the left has done for at least 5 decades is push the boundaries of civility.

Without ethical and moral people to control themselves in Washington DC, and at every government level, we are at the mercy of political games. We need an educated population to determine who can protect and who is out for power. That would take everyone turning off CNN.

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