Tom Brady Enjoys Victory Boat Parade with the Bucs and “Avocado Tequila” and Goes Viral

Posted by on February 11, 2021 6:03 am

After an astounding seventh Superbowl victory, Quarterback Tom Brady, #12 of the Tampa Buccaneers, enjoyed a victory boat parade and dock party with some friends and enjoyed some great fellowship with teammates, who danced and sang in the sunshine, seen in the following videos, all that quickly went viral on Wednesday.

In good humor, “The Goat” is seen in one video being assisted by a friend, and Brady got some good-natured teasing from his pals that he had lost his “sea legs.”

Brady later posted that there was nothing to see other than a little “Avocado tequila.”

The party-boat parade happened at the Port in Tampa Bay.

“Fresh off their Super Bowl win, the Bucs celebrated Tampa-style: on the water, “The Tampa Bay News reported.

A good time was had all.

Brady enjoyed the Lombardi trophy with his pals.

Boston Magazine reported:

“No one on earth deserves a cheat day more than Tom Brady, an athlete whose obsession with depriving himself of earthly comforts like tomatoes and certainly alcohol of all kinds is as much a part of the mystique as his body’s resistance to the passing of time.

But not today! The ex-Patriot has spent the day in sunny Tampa, living it up with his fellow Super Bowl Champion Bucs in deeply Floridian fashion. Yes, as video evidence from the scene today shows, Tom Brady, celebrated his seventh ring by having a LOT of fun on a boat.”

“Drunk Tom Brady fall off his TB12 diet and pulled the to Antoine Winfield,” one poster wrote.  Most people, good-heartedly, blamed Gronk for trouble.

Some show highlights:

“The City of Tampa held a socially-distant boat parade on the Hillsborough River on Wednesday to celebrate the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl victory. At one point, Tom Brady hurled the Lombardi Trophy to teammate Rob Gronkowski, who was celebrating on a different boat.”

“This is how we celebrate in CHAMPA BAY! Congratulations to the @Buccaneers on making HISTORY as Super Bowl Champions. Watch the live coverage on our Facebook page: We can’t wait to continue cheering on our team with more festivities to come. #GOBUCS,” the City of Tampa wrote. 

Brady threw the Lombardi Trophy from one boat to the other, and most people didn’t think twice because one thing Brady is super good at is just getting another one.

BarStool Sports reported:

This is the most shocking video I’ve ever seen. Tom Brady is so bored of winning Lombardi Trophies he is playing catch with it from boat to boat. He’s thinking, “oh well, if it falls in and goes to the bottom, I’ll just replace it with one of my others I have collecting dust in storage.”

Bruce Arians at Bucs gathering after today’s Super Bowl boat parade: “We did it the right way. We physically kicked their ass.”

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