“Woke” Capitalism: Gen Z Goes To War to Cancel Lindell’s My Pillow and Forms Company With No Plan For a Product

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A revenge-driven, abuse-driven product, “Good Pillow,” driven by leftist virtue-signaling against Mike Lindell, is going to hit the market at some point. Still, their marketing and PR already hit social media and public consciousness, with Big Tech and Social media’s assistance.

The company’s founder, activist David Hogg says they have a waiting list for their product already, claiming over 15,000 people have signed up to be alerted for a potential pre-order of their product.

This sounds like a long way of saying there is no product yet, and no plan for a product.

Here is a forthcoming problem for dynamic duo William LeGate and David Hogg:  How are people going to virtue signal that they have a Good Pillow? Virtue signaling only works when you can show it off.  Are you going to sell T-shirts and bumper stickers?  Hey- then you are not in the pillow business.

It is a total farce.

A total farce that is being heavily promoted and marketing on Twitter, we would guess for free:

So, the virtual company is being given a very high profile that has been thrown together in a few days by two Gen Z social media influencers/ Community Organizers. They are going to war to promote their idea of a socialist-green utopia by attacking a company with an American made product, My Pillow, who supports several high profile charities that help recovering drug addicts.

The focus of their revenge is the My Pillow company owner, who is a supporter of President Donald J. Trump, so he is being set up to be canceled by the “woke” supremacists of the left by taking over his product line.

Numerous questions were raised on social media about the wisdom of Good Pillow’s business plans.

As one person with manufacturing asked me, “Are they going to source the pillow in China? Pillows may be the last thing that is cost-effective to ship from China due to the bulkiness and cheapness of the product.  Did they consider the transportation costs for shipping Pillow materials?  Or outsource the sewing?  Time will tell.  They may not have considered all of the regulations materials have to pass through the Federal Government.”

Perhaps they were hoping for fast pass through the Government red tape?

On top of the fact  that there is no product, the dynamic Duo believes themselves to be Guerilla PR celebrities; they messed up the launch with sloppiness and spelling errors, which is a massive humiliation to the left who pride themselves on spelling well.

From their business Website, even a dyslexic like myself can see the numerous errors:

According to LeGate, they are true humanitarians because they are “missions based,” which apparently they believe is justified for breaking laws:

Their mission seems to be “money laundering” to various charities of friends and social justice non-profits.

An what would an American Pillow company be without a community organizing “Manifesto”?

A “Manifesto” recall is “a public declaration of policy and aims, especially one issued before an election by a political party or candidate.”

So there may be some other FEC guidelines for them to consider, but read their political plans for yourself:

good-pillow-manifesto (1)

To The Future,

Seven days ago, they said it could not be done. Seven days ago, we joked online about just how
powerful a pillow company could be. To the believers – those who dared to imagine a pillow
company could be about more than just pillows – thank you for turning our wildest dreams into
reality. Rest assured, Good Pillow is well underway :^)

From day one, we’ve set out to create a pillow company that is, simply put: Good. This
seemingly straightforward idea stems from the mindset that everyone deserves a Good night’s
sleep, coupled with the belief that we deserve to feel Good about the brands we choose to
support. Good Pillow’s commitment to being a quality, ethical, and sustainable company exists
at the forefront of all our business decisions large and small.

Why? To inspire a new generation of Americans to live the American Dream by giving back and
supporting causes you believe in, to create a true conscious consumer movement– all while
getting a Good night’s sleep.

Here’s what we mean when we say “Good”:
● Good Pillow pledges to support charitable organizations working to improve the lives of
everyday Americans & people across the world.
● Good Pillow pledges to have an active dialogue with its customers regarding which
causes it will allocate a percentage of profits to.
● Good Pillow pledges to be sustainably sourced and to be environmentally accountable.
● Good Pillow pledges to employ well-paid, unionized manufacturers.
● Good Pillow pledges to be Made in America.

● Good Pillow pledges to place a strong emphasis on hiring those who have traditionally
struggled with seeking employment, including: veterans, refugees, people with
disabilities, and people who were formerly incarcerated.
● Good Pillow pledges to fill our Board of Directors with people who actually represent
America. We’ve seen companies and leaders rely on symbolic gestures as a substitute for
real change. We commit to ensuring our actions demonstrate the depth of our
● Good Pillow pledges to appoint a Chief Progressive Officer to its executive team, whose
sole purpose is to ensure we stay true to our vision.

We’ll be honest – this isn’t going to happen overnight, and that’s because we’re committed to
doing this the right way. Though we’ve spent 1⁄3 of our lives on pillows, we can’t say we know
everything about pillow manufacturing. That’s why we’re not sacrificing quality for time. We
must invest in our foundation to make Good on our promises.

At present, Good Pillow is in the midst of negotiating and solidifying key details with our Board
of Directors, manufacturing partners, employees, advisors, and an exciting influencer network
with a combined reach of over 250 million people and counting. Before we launch, though, we
must take some time to put our heads down, out of respect for the three year anniversary of the
shooting in Parkland, Florida on February 14th. While we step back to honor those we lost on
that horrific day, we remain fully committed to delivering on what we’ve promised. We couldn’t
be more thrilled to share more important updates immediately following our blackout period.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with us to prove that we can turn Good dreams into
reality 🙂

~ David & Willam

In other words, they know how to write a well thought out drama, but can the kids make a pillow and get the darn thing to market?  We will find out if Gen Z learns a little something about Free Markets and Business from Woke Capitalism’s adventures.

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