WRIGHT: I’m A Democrat, But It’s Time To Leave The Party

Posted by on February 11, 2021 3:03 pm

Former CIA agent Bryan Dean Wright was a lifelong Democrat who hates what the party has become and he has announced that he is leaving the party, and he thinks you should too.

He has seen the rhetoric from the Democrats become more intense and they do no0t not do anything when members use highly anti-Semitic language or the way they condone violent riots all across America.

Democrats allude to the January 6th riots without acknowledging the presence of radical leftists who participated. They claim that 5 people died in the riots but the truth is four died of medical problems and the only one who didn’t was unarmed and shot to death by a Capitol policeman.

Originally they claimed that the rioters beat a cop to death with a fire extinguisher with three other officers injured.

But in the riots by antifa and BLM 70 people died and 700 police officers were injured.

The Democrats apparently don’t give a crap because they can’t politicize it but they can the three-hour Capitol riot.

The problem is their undereducated voters believe them. However, others like Wright can clearly see the hypocrisy.

Wright wrote:

For years, Democrats like me have watched with increasing alarm as our own political leaders and activists – from Speaker Nancy Pelosi to media outlets like MSNBC – have used an endless stream of hateful, violent and ultimately un-American rhetoric that has resulted in billions of dollars in economic damage and given birth to a violent national movement.

Some of the earliest hatred coming from the party was out of the mouth of “Squad” member Rep. Ilhan Omar in 2019. Not once but twice did she use anti-Semitic smears that for generations have been used to marginalize Jewish people.

But rather than condemn her vitriol and strip her of her committee assignments, Democrats in the House – from Speaker Pelosi on down – chose a toothless resolution that broadly condemned hatred and avoided any mention of Omar herself.

Of course, Omar is not alone in her bigotry. Sadly, there are other examples of it flowing throughout the base of the Democrat Party, suggesting that the bigotry is systemic.


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