By Pushing Nikki Haley The GOP Is Slamming Trump, Pouring Salt On The Populist’s Wounds

Posted by on February 12, 2021 9:03 pm

The Grand Old Party, the (GOP) both tries to benefit from the widespread support of President Donald J. Trump all while trying to cancel him and his supporters, and nothing could make that more apparent than by pushing the former Senator of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, who is a political climber if there ever was one.

Haley is re-emerging on Friday into the political arena. On the very day, Trump’s team is set to defend him in front of the nation after his supporters are being “thrown under the bus” as terrorists.

That is no coincidence.

Republican Haley, similar to Democrat Hillary Clinton, uses her gender to climb to the top of the heap of career politicians.  News reports show that the career GOP politicians’ combined effort believe that American voters will fall for their ideas, although as failed as they are, which will stave off the Populist revolt of Trump.

The bottom line is that the Populist movement is about a smaller government, and that means fewer jobs for the political class and fewer opportunities to benefit off of foreign interests with their cronyism.  Americans understand that, but the GOP is convinced that women will rush out to support Haley for being a woman.

Haley’s new PR team, the Politico, ran a story about her on Friday, meant to target voters:

From the Politico article, the disdain for Trump, who helped save Haley from an embarrassing loss of power in South Carolina, as an unpopular Governor:

“At the time of Haley’s call, Donald Trump—her “friend”—had spent much of the previous month refusing to concede defeat in an election he clearly lost, opting instead to delegitimize the institutions of government that upheld the result, indulge in outlandish conspiracy theories and generally subvert the country’s 244-year-old democratic norms. Republican leaders who possessed the credibility to publicly dispute these claims and exert a counter influence over the GOP electorate had chosen not to. Haley was among those who kept quiet.

For the previous four years, since being plucked from the governorship of South Carolina to serve as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Haley had navigated the Trump era with a singular shrewdness, messaging and maneuvering in ways that kept her in substantial standing both with the GOP donor class as well as with the president and his base. ”

Being plucked?  As if she had much choice, she was hugely unpopular in South Carolina over her leftward shift and demonizing the South Carolina residents.  Shrewdness?  She removed herself from a job she was about to lose, and the Populist Movement picked up a pro-Trump Governor.

It was Trump who was shrewd. Henry McMaster is the replacement for Haley, recall.

And Haley loves the donor class who helps the GOP protect their personal business deals; how will that play out in America, are American women going to fall for the PR campaign and not look deeper?

Curiously, flexing their muscle, the North Carolina GOP sent a fundraising letter out on Thursday night, which included a link to their promoting of Haley as well, pretending to be raising money for something else in a peculiar letter.  I posted the contents of the fundraising letter here:

So the question remains, with the Populist Movement take over the GOP or fall for their tricks?  If the Populist movement unifies and joins the GOP, that may be the end of Nikki Haley’s career as a Republican; she does not represent the working class or Conservative women, or the dreams of little girls who would like to be in the bathroom without men, because Haley is nothing more than a member of the “uniparty” in DC.

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