Democrat Mayor Panics, Resigns as FBI Closes In

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Democratic Mayor of Baltimore Catherine Pugh announced her resignation on Thursday as both state and federal investigations into claims that she “used bulk sales of her self-published children’s book ‘Healthy Holly’ to disguise kickbacks,” according to Fox News.

Pugh’s announcement of her resignation, which has immediately taken effect, comes after weeks of scrutiny for the first-term mayor.

Pugh’s lawyer Steven Silverman read a statement aloud from his client who said, “Sorry for the harm that I have caused to the image of the city of Baltimore and to the credibility of the office of the mayor. Baltimore deserves a mayor who can move our great city forward.”

Fox News reports:

Calls for Pugh to resign had intensified in the past few days. Instead of making a decision, though, Pugh stayed holed up inside her three-story home for nearly a month. Her lawyers said she was too fragile to make a decision but residents and members of her own party grew weary of her open-ended retreat and demanded she either step up or step aside.

Republican Gov. Larry Hogan also joined the chorus of calls for Pugh to resign and has asked the state prosecutor to investigate allegations of “self-dealing” by Pugh.

Hogan and the chairwoman of the state’s Democratic Party said Pugh made the right decision on Thursday.

Hogan sent out a tweet which stated, “This was the right decision, as it was clear the mayor could no longer lead effectively. The federal and state investigations must and will continue to uncover the facts.” He also tweeted, “Baltimore City can now begin to move forward. The state pledges its full support to incoming Mayor Jack Young and to cit6y leaders during this time of transition.”

Maryland Democratic Party Chairwoman Maya Rockeymoore Cummings stated that Pugh’s resignation will allow the city of Baltimore the “opportunity to address its challenges with courage and optimism.”

Fox reports:

Late last month, federal investigators seized records from Pugh’s City Hall office and two of her homes as well as a nonprofit tied to her. Authorities also searched the apartment of one of Hugh’s former top aides, purportedly looking for financial records about a children’s book she wrote and then sold to health care companies with ties to the city.

The “Healthy Holly” book scandal has consumed Maryland’s largest city, which is facing a number of different problems including a soaring crime rate and an illegal drug problem.

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