Final Straw: Dems Handing Taxpayer Money To CCP

Posted by on February 12, 2021 1:33 am
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Don’t you wish that just once the Democrats would stand up for the American people? Is once just too much to ask? Apparently so, because they are busy working for the communist regime.

The latest outrage from the anti-Ame5rican party was to defeat an amendment from Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) that would have stopped US taxpayer dollars from going to companies tied to the Chinese communist government.

Why would we give them our money? Is it payback for all of the help they were given during the 2020 elections and the help they expect to get in 2022 and 2024? If not, I can’t figure out the logic. And this is not a one-time thing. Since the Biden inauguration, he has done so much for the Chinese government and nothing for the American people.

Biden killed the Keystone Pipeline, giving China a second chance to buy all of the Canadian oil. He has given them access to the US power grid, giving them the tools to shut down all of the power in the US. He has lifted the Chinese travel ban, killed the investigation into China’s infiltration of our educational system and put Alejandro Mayorkas best known for allowing Chinese who were turned down for security reasons into the United States. He has appointed or nominated many who made fortunes from China.

But, what has he done for Americans?

Nothing and the Democrats are complicit in both protecting China and giving Americans the finger.

Those $2000 checks have now become $1400 checks and opening schools in the first 100 days has become opening some schools for one day a week.

From The Daily Wire

House Democrats blocked a budget amendment late on Tuesday night that would have banned stimulus funds from going to entities that are owned or controlled by communist China.

Stefanik’s amendment came after Democrat Joe Biden reportedly canceled a plan put in place by the Trump administration that would have tracked the rising influence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the U.S. education system.

“Around 500 K-12 schools and 65 colleges in the U.S. have partnerships with the Confucius Institute U.S. Center, a U.S.-based affiliate of the Beijing-based Confucius Institute Headquarters. The institute, also known as Hanban, is affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education,” the Daily Caller News Foundation reported. “Many of Hanban’s directors are members of the Chinese Communist Party or have close ties to the organization.”

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