Impeachment Blows up In Dem’s Faces, Utter Humiliation, Full Video of Dems saying “Fight”

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In an unexpected turn of events, on Friday, lawyers for President Donald J. Trump shocked viewers with a bold defense of Trump and supporters,after almost a week of leading people to believe Trump’s defense would be timid and beg off from presenting anything of substance.

“To claim that the president in any way wished, desired, or encouraged lawless or violent behavior is a preposterous and monstrous lie,” Michael Van Der Veen, one of Trump’s lawyers, argued.

“Van Der Veen presented a video contrasting Trump’s law-and-order remarks and remarks from Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.). Pelosi had said, “I don’t even know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country. Maybe there will be.” Waters had notoriously encouraged supporters to harass Trump administration staff in public places. Biden had said that if he were in high school, he would “beat the hell out of” Trump,” PJ Media reported on the story.

The left was miserable and very unhappy when the tables are turned.  Mother Jones cried about it:

A senior aide to Trump, Jason Miller, reported that the White House crowd was feeling the heat about the turn of events.  For weeks Democrats, the media, and their RINO allies have taunted Trump and his supporters, framing them as terrorists for using the word “fight,” all while creating a fake narrative, fake evidence, and fake stories of violence.

Reporter Paul Sperry reported:

“One of Trump defense lawyer Schoen’s best lines today was, in so many words, that Democrats aren’t just trying to cancel our culture, they’re also trying to cancel the Constitution. Trump impeachment lawyer David Schoen alleges that House Democrat impeachment managers deceitfully “manufactured graphics” & “manipulated video” and other evidence against Trump, while selectively editing out exculpatory evidence from his speech re marching “peacefully”.

Careful what you wish for, Democrats. You got your post-presidency snap impeachment, which gave Trump his day in “court,” whereby he finally bypassed yer partisan media filter & got out the video truth for tens of millions of TV networks +CNN/MSNBC viewers to witness for themselves.

Trump’s defense team’s video exhibits devastating not just for Dems, but for their partisan sycophants in MSM who’ve carried banners for their false propaganda. Videos watched by tens of millions of TV network viewers, as daytime programming is being preempted by impeachment coverage.”


In reaction, the left is very upset that people were laughing at the double standards of the Democrats and their RINO partners who have made fools of themselves in front of the American republic.

Look at the pouty faces!

The Democrats created fake news stories about Officer Sidnick, who, lying saying he had died from an attack, they lied about tweets and misattributed a Christian woman’s prayerful tweet as a threat, and they even falsified tweets from Tump.

In real life this would be a problem:

The Democrat entire case is built on a lie:

It was a beat down. Trump’s lawyers have built the case that Democrats and RINOS should be impeached and removed from office for good, over the highly editing footage, over manufactured drama, over insurrection against the American people, by claiming that people were violent domestic terrorists, by creating evidence, and by pretending that their trial was law and order and pitching it to the world as anything more than pure fantasy.

It is a wonder how Democrats and RINOS can show their faces to the American people.

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