The Leftward Shift of the GOP Still Faces A Remaining Unstoppable Populist Revolt

Posted by on February 12, 2021 9:03 pm

If the Populist Movement that propelled Donald J. Trump into office gets organized to take on DC, the “unity” movement of career Democrat politicians and the career Republican politicians, who represent foreign governments over the needs of the American people, will shake up American culture for the foreseeable future and it won’t be pretty.

Consider anti-American, radical speech of a dedicated Never Trumper: “Large portions of the Republican Party are radicalizing and threatening American democracy,” McMullin told Reuters. “The party needs to recommit to truth, reason, and founding ideals, or there clearly needs to be something new.”

McMullin is talking about the failed policies and agenda of the GOP who can’t win anything without Trump’s supporters.

Conveniently for them, even some members of the GOP ignore that we are a Republic.  We elect people to represent us, and we tell them our needs, which is very American, and it is what makes America special.  McMullin is offended by the Republic, remember that.

Reuters reported on the anti-American “Never Trumpers” :

“Dozens of former Republican officials, who view the party as unwilling to stand up to former President Donald Trump and his attempts to undermine U.S. democracy, are in talks to form a center-right breakaway party, four people involved in the discussions told Reuters.”


The problem the GOP has is that a Populist movement of nonpolitical people got organized after many years of being quiet, and grew into a powerhouse so overwhelming that it has forced the combined efforts of the GOP and the Democrat party to disable them, exposing the political ties and corruption that had been hidden from the public for a long time.

Trump’s Populist movement is made up of actual working-class Americans- that is important to remember.

Much of the attempts we see around the nation’s capital with the militarization and the show trial against Trump and his supporters are to chase the Populist movement away from the GOP, marginalize them, and dispirit their political power.

Reuters, in their exclusive article, wrote about the left’s fantasy uniparty:

“The early-stage discussions include former elected Republicans, former officials in the Republican administrations of George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush and Trump, ex-Republican ambassadors and Republican strategists, the people involved say.

More than 120 of them held a Zoom call last Friday to discuss the breakaway group, which would run on a platform of “principled conservatism,” including adherence to the Constitution and the rule of law – ideas those involved say have been trashed by Trump.

The plan would be to run candidates in some races and endorse center-right candidates in others, be they Republicans, independents, or Democrats, the people say.

Evan McMullin, who was chief policy director for the House Republican Conference and ran as an independent in the 2016 presidential election, told Reuters that he co-hosted the Zoom call with former officials concerned about Trump’s grip on Republicans and the nativist turn the party has taken.”

So our political overlords believe that to push the real working class out of the public square of politics, by pushing career politicians on us, who claim to “center”.

In other words, politicians’ combined efforts are to “put the genie back in the bottle” and make MAGA go away.

The power is with the Populist Movement if they get involved where the action is, and that action is within the Republican Party.  That is what the Never Trumpers are afraid of.

For further reading on how to get involved:

Ask yourself, why should the people who understand the solutions for the people of America leave the GOP? The grassroots is already populist. If they unite, they are unstoppable.

Dan Shultz has a plan that is outlined in the article below:



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