Breaking: Democrats Turn On Cuomo, He’s Finished

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Just in case you needed more signs that the country is being torn apart by inept and incompetent, kleptocratic Democrats, take a look at this.

New York, America’s original ‘golden goose’, the state with the city that conquered the financial world needs a bailout.  Apparently the insane taxes in the state are not even coming close to covering the nut on the state’s debt.

Perhaps shutting down the city and allowing raving lunatics to run wild on the streets looting, rioting and assaulting cops and civilians was not the best play for the Big Apple, but hey, what do I know, right?

Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York and brother of CNN’s ‘anchor’ Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo, is on the verge of being removed from his throne for covering up just how many people his government’s Covid nursing home policy killed.

If you recall, New York was ‘ground zero’ (I mean that with no disrespect to families like ours who lost a loved one on 9/11) for the ‘pandemic’.  Cuomo was cast in the staring role vs Trump when it came to the Chinese Virus.  The media fawned over the current head of the Cuomo Crime Family and even floated as the man to enter the race and steal the Democratic nomination.

Cuomo was the posted boy for ‘The Resistances’ efforts to blame Trump for the fire the CCP caused, which Democrats then poured gasoline on.  Well, that didn’t pan out.

Now Cuomo must be feeling like he is being thrown under the bus, after whacking all those seniors in order to make Trump look bad, you would think Pelosi would take care of him, right?

Apparently Cuomo isn’t feeling the love and Nancy isn’t bending the knee, after all she is Queen of the realm … right?

Oh, BTW, our kids are going to be paying to bail New York out of their self inflicted economic crisis.  This could not make me more furious seeing as this is the reason we moved from the tri-state area.

Fox News has their take on the details:

‘House Speaker Nancy Pelosi apparently isn’t buying New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s claim that congressional Democrats’ proposed coronavirus aid package would not provide enough relief to the Empire State.

The speaker this week sent a letter to New York’s congressional Democrats, touting the federal proposal’s $50 billion in state and local funding for New York as well as $20 billion to “support families’ health, financial security and well-being.”

The proposed amount far exceeds the $15 billion the governor has repeatedly said the state needs to close New York’s budget gap, according to the Times Union of Albany, N.Y., which covers the state’s capital region. The newspaper said it obtained a copy of Pelosi’s letter.

“We sadly observe over 1.5 million coronavirus cases, nearly 45,000 deaths, and hundreds of thousands of job losses in New York,” Pelosi writes. “Please know that your concerns are being addressed in ways that you have advanced and with the enthusiastic advocacy of Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.”

The Times Union called the letter a “rare rebuke” from Pelosi who is usually closely aligned with Cuomo.  

The proposed aid, which would include among other funding more than $12 billion for schools, $8 billion for transit and $3 billion for Medicaid, would likely help avert possible budget cuts Cuomo had threatened, according to the New York Daily News.

New York House Democrats had sent a letter to Pelosi two days earlier asking for adequate funding and Cuomo sent a letter to state lawmakers last week demanding at least $15 billion in direct relief, according to the Times Union.

Cuomo reiterated the $15 billion figure this week when a legislative breakdown reportedly showed New York would receive only around $12.7 billion in direct funding to the state’s government. ‘

It just goes to show you, there is no honor among thieves, and the debt bubble has to collapse soon … and when it does LOOK OUT.

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