Mythology Smashed: Trump’s “Fine People” Comment Put on Trial, Dems Laid Bare

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One of the favorite “gotcha” moments of the past four years, where opponents of President Donald J. Trump created a debilitating narrative to frame Trump and his supporters as craven and violent racists, came from comments that the Democrats created out of thin air, mass-produced into tiny bytes and memes and promoted non-stop, effectively.

The foundation of their bold lies came from a gathering of people in Charlottesville, Virginia, which grew into a generally accepted and repeated mythology that Trump had defended White Supremacists’ actions by saying that they were “fine people”.

Except that never happened, and during the defense of Trump on Friday on the US Senate floor, Americans were able to see for the first time a real analysis of the comments in side by side recording.

“The comments made it around the world became Biden talking points and made it to the Senate floor; this is the Charlottesville lie. Very fine people on both sides, except that, isn’t all he said. And they knew it then, and they know it now. Watch this.,” he said and played the following video of side by side coverage.

The video shows where the Impeachment House Managers stopped the video. In the video, Trump clarifies more than twice that the comments of fine people were not directed at White Nationalists, but to people who were concerned about the Robert E Lee statue.

“This might be the first time that the news networks played these comments in their full context,” David Schoen said, referring to the fact that opposition media has relayed the mythological statements hundreds of thousands of times and never given the American people the full story.

On Friday, the defense had shown numerous videos; however, the video dissecting the “very fine people” statement shows an overall tactic by the left; the Democrats, the RINOs, and their Media allies, to lie and propagandize.

Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina asked the defense team if they felt that the trial was, in fact, just a show trial. The answer was yes. Trump’s lawyer answered, “the purpose of running again or to humiliate his supporters, to make them feel they made the wrong choice with him”.

One of the major achievements of President Trump, of which he is most proud is his approval ratings in minority communities, which is why the left, most likely chosen to lie and propagandize his statements about what appeared to be at the time an uprising based on race, or at least. Hence, the Democrats hoped in the early days of Trump’s first administration.

Trump is facing a Soviet show trial. It is not a legal trial, which is why the Democrats and RINOS can outright lie and continue their lies.

“The Democrats chose to pick the charge of insurrection; they could have chosen anything or any reason,” The lawyers said.

As typical for the Democrats and the RINOS like Susan Collis, they can’t stick to anything factual; their mythology is all fantasy.  People were not armed. People did not take marching orders to fight to the death, yet all of the House Impeachment Managers, who are US Representatives, have outright lied to slander and defame the American people and a duly elected US President.  Insurrection has a definition; a violent uprising against an authority or government. And aren’t we told that words are violence?

When is The People’s trial against the Government?



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