Absolute Proof: ‘I Was Prepared For Such a Time As This’ Mike Lindell Tells David Harris

Posted by on February 14, 2021 3:03 am

Mike Lindell, the owner and founder of My Pillow, appeared with David Harris Jr to talk about Lindell’s new documentary ‘Absolute Proof,” which chronicles what Lindell calls an attack on America by voter fraud in the recent Presidential election. As a result of his, work Lindell has been the target of Big Tech and the media for months.

Lindell is focused on saving America.

“We really are focused on getting 9 people to watch; those are the Supreme Court Justices. So the best thing people can do right now shares this movie,” Lindell said.

“The movie has been seen around the world by 70 million people,” Harris said. “The movie was shocking, and the mainstream media stopped talking about the fraud until your movie,” Harris said.

“I keep the faith, and I can push out there without any fear, and I must be over the target because the attacks keep getting bigger,” Lindell told Harris.

Pointing to January 9th, Lindell told Harris that he saw a “footprint of fraud,” where he was presented with evidence about votes being flipped, and he was given the evidence.

“At that point, I put evidence up on Twitter, and I was taken down, including My Pillow account,” Lindell said. “I wouldn’t shut up, and the attackers started pressuring the retailers. I was dropped by a number of stores over this information,” Lindell said.

Absolute Proof was discredited on several platforms, including Newsmax. “A lot of people are trying to cancel me. It is the threats, and you get worried about losing your business from the amount of hate mail, and I want to tell people not to worry so much a lot of it is done by bots,” Lindell told Harris.

“Watch the lawsuits by Dominion they are using to scare people, and they will be dropped because we have the proof. The machines were online, and we have the evidence. I want people to hear that,” Lindell said.

Harris and Lindell talked about Lindell’s background in recovery and his book, “Against All Odds” which Lindell says is to benefit his activism for America. Lindell said that his recovery from Crack Addiction gave him a good foundation to fight for America.

President Donald J. Trump was a great inspiration for his business and himself.

“He was like talking to my best friend, and he cared about what I had to say.  Even as a former crack head. That is so amazing,” Lindell said.

Lindell told Harris about his experience with the media, who attacked him relentlessly after Lindell showed faith and courage in his bold support of Trump.  “Bots and trolls made the attacks,” Lindell said.

“They would have to be,” Harris said.  “Your products are amazing.”

“We have lost 22 Stores and online showing services, but we are actually falling behind in shipment because we are getting such support. I want Dominion to sue, but they aren’t. I have the proof they know that.  I am not backing down. This is election fraud; this is China. This is an attack on our country.  When I was getting attacked by the media after Twitter took me down, I just told them to wait, and in 5 days, I had the movie up. And the movie shows how many votes were flipped. OAN took the disclaimer down after they saw the movie because the evidence is there. Not one media outlet will cover it now, and I told them I had the proof. The only thing they can do is stop Americans from sharing the movie,” Lindell said.

Harris talked about the concerns for Lindell’s safety, “The Mafia was after me when I was an addict over bad football bets, I only fear the Lord now.  I had a chance to prepare for this. I take precautions, there is just some precautionary fear, but the fear factor is down now.  I believe it was all worth it. The beginning of the end of Venezuela was Smartmatic voting machines. What I did was worth it.



“This movie is about miracles. There are many miracles that we uncover in the movie. We would have missed out on the miracle of uncovering what these machines could ultimately do to the country in further attacks on the country that would have brought on socialism. Here comes the hoe.  God doesn’t go by dates. The Supreme court is there to protect us. God has his hand in this. We are going to see a unity miracle soon,” Lindell told Harris.

“It will be the greatest revival we have ever seen,” he said.

The movie can be found at MichaelJLindell.com 

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