BLURRED LINES: Elizabeth Warren’s Progressive Squad Talks About Getting People to “Fight Like Hell” To Pressure US Lawmakers

Posted by on February 14, 2021 3:03 pm

A video has emerged of 6 of the most vocal and powerful progressive Communists in the United States of America, including a failed Presidential Candidate who is talking about fighting, harassing, and coercing duly elected representatives of the United States House and Senate in the name of pushing their collective progressive fantasy social justice changes in education, health care,  government policy and law enforecement.

There are double standards in Washington DC, and in Government in general in the United States and those the blurred lines of our law and order and public policy.

Talking about their failed policies that the American people do not want, and vote against, a group of radical resistance members who call themselves “The Squad” are seen, a few days before the end of the 2020 Presidential election, discussing how they plan to override the American voters after the past election.

Seen on the video is disgraced Senator Elizabeth Warren the leader, disgraced Alexandria Cortez, Anna Pressly, disgraced Ilhan Omar, disgraced Rashida Talib and Nelaini Stamp.

Each woman nods, snaps and groans in agreement with Warren during her speech on how to fight for their personal agenda by pressuring other US Representatives to bypass the needs of their voters and do what the squad wants.

The video is somewhat strange to see because of the tensions within the Democrat party between the most radical Marxist left and other Democrats who understand the Squad’s utopia measures are not popular with Americans.

It is unclear who the squad and their leader are fighting, whether they are admitting to shaping the Democrat, the Republican party or just all of DC, to their will.

Warren was not a good fit with the Squad members in the past, the members did not support her as a Presidential candidate. Yet they joined forces and together plan to bypass the American voter with tactics of public pressure to get what they want.  Some people might call that insurrection, collusion, conspiracy.

Those are the blurred lines of politics. Anything is acceptable in DC as long as a Marxist is doing it. Nothing is acceptable in DC as long as a Patriotic American is doing it.


“The very next day we are right back into the fight.  After we helped win this election we are not going to be turned away and have nothing happened. No.  We are going to stay in this fight with a steady resolve. The reason we stay in is the reason that brought us to this fight in the first place. The hope for justice, the urgency of climate action the fight to make health care a basic human right. Child care, canceling student loan debt, protecting our dreamers, expanding social security and disability. We are going to remember why we are in this fight and then we are going to fight like Hell to make this an America where we can all thrive. We will be the force that holds elections elected officials accountable for real change.

And how do you fight after an election? Easy. Pressure. I have been in Congress for 7 years now and I have seen it first hand the Senate and the House get a whole lot more done if we are under pressure. Very public pressure.

And to increase that pressure we need every progressive to raise their voice loud and proud in the fight for social, racial and economic justice.  I am not in this fight to talk about change. I am in this fight to make a change.

Here is what I know for sure if we stand together if we fight together if we persist together we can make a change. And not just any kind of change, big structural change.  It is an honor to fight alongside you, so let’s finish strong and let’s not worry about the technical difficulties at the beginning we are beyond all of that.  I just want to say, stay in the fight.  We are in it together. ”


There was never a problem until President Donald J. Trump came to town. Then everything was a problem.


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