The Real Reason Pelosi & McConnell Folded Last Night Leaks … Lock Them Up!

Posted by on February 14, 2021 3:33 pm
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On Saturday, the Senate voted to approve witnesses in the impeachment trial even after they had agreed to no witnesses. But that is just par for the course for Democrats. Just look at how many promises Joe Biden has broken in less than three weeks, with many more to come. But, then a funny thing happened.

After the Democrats and Republicans that are the same as Democrats insisted they had to call witnesses, they decided not to.

What changed so quickly? How could something so vitally important (According to Democrats and RINOs) be cast aside so quickly? The answer is quite simple.

Trump’s lawyers announced they were going to call Nancy Pelosi and Muriel Bowser as witnesses and they could not afford for that to happen. They would have had to answer some really tough questions.

They were warned about possible riots in advance but turned down 15,000 Guardsmen Trump offered several times.

Not only would they have to explain why they refused help, but House managers would also have to explain why someone who wanted a riot would want to bring in 15,000 National Guard troops to make sure no riots would occur. Both knew there was a threat, yet neither one wanted protection against the possible threat. They would have also had to explain what the FBI reported about left-wing groups being involved.

Investigative reporter John Solomon has issued an FOIA request with the FBI on what they knew in advance and what they told Bowser and Pelosi of the threat.

The FBI denied his request.

Why? What is the big secret?

The FBI has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democratic party and they really need to be disbanded. And when they are, nobody above the title of agent should be allowed to be hired for its replacement.

From The Gateway Pundit

John Solomon dropped a bombshell last month and said the DC police rejected his FOIA request for records pertaining to their investigation of the siege of the U.S. Capitol.

The DC police said release of the records would be ‘personally embarrassing’ and privacy invading to release the documents.

“We’re gonna fight for those documents but something tells me what’s in those documents has some very very big relevance to what happened on The Hill and the question I have is what did Nancy Pelosi know, what did Mitch McConnell know about these threats beforehand,” John Solomon told former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens.

John Solomon explained that the Sergeant at Arms is constantly communicating with the Speaker of House so Pelosi must have known about the threats days before the Capitol riot.

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