They Know! Top Dem Senator Caught On Hot Mic Admitting Impeachment Trial Is …

Posted by on February 14, 2021 7:33 pm
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This is one of those rare moments where the false confidence that the occupying regime exudes, always gaslighting the public with false bravado, wears off.

Every thinking person in the country knows that the entire trial is a complete and total joke.  Even Chief Justice Roberts, who has been one to he biggest disappointments in politics, know it’s a sham.

For their to be an impeachment trial Roberts (the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court) needs to sit and oversee the impeachment hearings.  Despite his love for the left and distain for Trump, Roberts has chosen not to attend, which should have been enough to shut this sham down from the jump.

However, if there is one thing that you can count on the Democrats to do, it’s double down on bold, over the top lies. This is no exception.  So what did the Dems do when Roberts refused to preside over and impeachment of a private citizen … they installed a Democrat Senator to be the judge … LMAO.

Now, imagine having the balls to install someone from your Party, who has been hyper critical of the accused AS THE JUDGE!  Insanity. The worst part is THEY KNOW IT’s INSANE!

In addition to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court needing to be present, there also need to have been a high crime or misdemeanor committed by the public servant being removed … oh, and I’m pretty sure they have to be a public servant seeing as you can’t remove someone who isn’t in office.

Now, when you look at it from this height, you can clearly see this is a show trial … and rigged game … and they couldn’t even close the deal!  Leahy, the Dem Senator cast in the role of Stalin’s impartial Justice knows and slipped up on a hot mic admitting it …

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘There were no high crimes or misdemeanors, no real investigations, only accusations.  There was also no Chief Justice overseeing the event, even corrupt Roberts refused to sit in on this after choosing to defer or decline any actions related to the crime of the century – the theft of the US election from President Trump.

This thing was a mess from start to finish and the Democrats lost America for good on this.   The only way Democrats win again is if they cheat again in historical fashion.

This all came to a head today when the Democrat Senator filling in for Chief Roberts let the following slip out on a hot mic per Pro Trump News:

‘THIS IS ALL F****D UP!’ … Leahy knows it, but yet he still agreed to play the ‘impartial judge’ role in Pelosi and Schumer’s SNL like skit.  Talk about integrity …

Nancy Pelosi’s latest slapdash impeachment was all f***ed up.  She is the first politician in history to oversee two failed political impeachments.  The politicians in DC are a disgrace.’

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