Dems Appoint Convicted Gang Shooter, Slasher & Drug Dealer To Top Post

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Donald Trump questioned the integrity of an election that defied odds and logic, so the Democrat want to make sure he can never hold office again.

This guy admitted to shooting & stabbing people, dealing drugs and is a convicted dug dealer, Democrats give him a top ranking spot in our political system.

The editor’s opinions may differ from the author’s, I think hiring ex-cons is a good thing, however, when we are talking about working for a political party that uses violence and intimidation like Antifa and BLM do … let’s just say, best case scenario, it’s ‘bad optics’, to quote Speaker Pelosi.

Steven Ahle| Have you ever shot two people? Were you an admitted drug dealer? If so, you too can be a high ranking official representing Democrats in the House. You might be laughing but believe me it’s no joke. Dyjuan Tatro, who spent time in prison for shooting two people and then was charged with and convicted of racketeering conspiracy, for which he received a six year sentence, has now been named a senior adviser for diversity and inclusion.

Tatro also called himself a “triggerman” for the Original Gangsta Killas gang in New York. He admitted to gang shootings and the slashing of another victim. Tatro claimed to be making @12,000 a month and was arrested and convicted of trying to sell 50 grams of crack cocaine. Tatro appeared in the 2019 PBS series “College Behind Bars,” where inmates work to get degrees while they are in prison.

Cole Leiter, the DCCC’s communications director bashed the news story on Tatro and he called it trash.

The Daily Caller asked the DCCC about the hire to which a spokesperson responded by saying:

“Dyjuan is a formerly incarcerated person who has worked hard to change the trajectory of his life through education and service to his community.”

Nancy Pelosi refused 15,000 National Guards prior to January 6th because she thought it would be bad optics. Does she believe this hire is good optics?  There are alw3ays people willing to pay for access to political parties and elected officials. I don’t know this man or how he now lives his life. He could now be a paragon of virtue, I just think it looks bad but of course I could be wrong. I just hope he does not become a scapegoat.

From The Daily Caller

He has served his time for the crimes he committed and is now a national leader in the bipartisan movement to reform our criminal justice system and bring meaningful improvements to the education system in American prisons. Such critical work breaks cycles of recidivism by making sure more people leave prison with the skills to hold down a job and contribute to their communities.”

Since being released from prison in 2017, Tatro had been working to help increase educational opportunities for inmates.

DCCC chairman Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney’s office did not immediately respond to The Daily Caller when asked about the hire.

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