MAGA Party Needs No Sleep, President’s Day is Still DJT’s Day

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Nothing much has changed for President Donald J. Trump on this year’s President’s Day as his supporters excitedly gathered to cheer him on, as he passed by in a motorcade crowd of supporters gathered on the road to Mar-a-lago to cheer and celebrate President Donald Trump.

Organizers called the event the “Presidents’ Day “Peaceful and Patriotic” Pro-Trump Rally,” as a mockery of the left’s shameful lack of acceptance over the words Trump used at the end of his Jan. 6 rally, which his supporters will not be let ignored.

President Trump did drive by slowly, and the crowd was very excited:

As the motorcade pass by, President Trump waved appreciation to the enthusiastic crowd who were all decked out in MAGA gear and waving MAGA-Trump flags.

Even on social media, people associated President’s Day with Trump and not Biden.

RSBN News covered the events of the day, showing the crowds of people who still not given up on Trump, who is the only president to have a parade on the Nation’s  federal holiday and a chance to have a national remembrance of Presidents,

RSBN Broadcast from West Palm Beach for the event and interviewed people who told the news crew that Trump is the greatest president they have ever seen.

Posts on social media reflected the excitement people had on the road to Mara Lago:

“People are really excited to celebrate President Trump, and he has been twice acquitted from impeachment,” the RSBN broadcaster said.

“We have been told buses of people are on their way; people are coming from Central Florida to show their appreciation of Trump for President’s Day.  This was just an organic grassroots movement, and it spread like wildfire.  There are a lot of people to join us. It is just a bunch of Patriots. We all wanted to say thank you to President Trump, who restored patriotism in the country, and we love the accomplishments he had during his administration,” he said.

RSBN called out patriots from New Jersey, all over Florida and Ohio, to name a few.  “There has been no loss of enthusiasm for Trump; people drove from all over the place to be here, just like old times.”

ABC News reported:

“President Donald Trump on Monday made his first public appearance since his Senate acquittal over the weekend, greeting supporters from his motorcade as he passed them by in West Palm Beach, Florida.

He gave his trademark thumbs-up to cheering supporters waving Trump flags and holding a “Happy Presidents’ Day” sign.

Celebrations were in the sky as well as banners were flown by plane declaring support and encouragement of Trump and his supporters.

Organizers billed the event as the “Presidents’ Day “Peaceful and Patriotic” Pro-Trump Rally,” an apparent reference to Trump’s words at the end of his Jan. 6 rally just ahead of the attack on the Capitol.

Trump aide Dan Scavino tweeted the view from inside Trump’s motorcade, writing: “This is unbelievable! 45 returns to Mar-a-Lago this afternoon, after an awesome day out on the links….to this….”

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