Supreme Court To Decide Sidney Powell’s Election Challenge Case This Week!

Posted by on February 16, 2021 2:18 am
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The Supreme Court will hear five cases in reference to voting irregularities and broken state laws.

They will hear cases brought by Sidney and Lin Wood on Michigan and Georgia. One case brought by Rep Mike Kelly, and two lawsuits filed in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania by former President Donald Trump’s campaign. The cases will be heard and the court will decide whether or no0t to consider the cases.

If any of the cases are heard in the main session, they will be heard and decided in October. My guess is that no matter what the courts decide, it will not change the election results. But, it could change the way elections are run if the court reestablishes that only state legislatures can decide how elections are run in their state.

This would stop governors, SOSs, and AGs from unilaterally setting election laws like was done in 2020.

The main sticking point could be mail-in voting because no swing state has proof of the chain of custody of the votes or signature matching. This could allow a large number of manufactured votes to be accepted by people like Mickey Mouse and Babe Ruth. There is also the issue of out of state voting and voting by illegal aliens. The Supreme Court under the direction of John Roberts has not been praised for its courage.

The court challenge was originally asked to be moved up on the calendar before inauguration day which leads me to believe that they will do much in the way of securing the vote. If nothing is done at all, then you can write of the Supreme Court as an arbiter of the constitution. And if that happens it’s just a matter of time before the entire country collapses.

From The Blaze

Now, all of the cases mentioned above are scheduled for a conference taking place this Friday, February 19, according to records on the Supreme Court’s website.

In nearly every plea, attorneys backing Trump’s election challenges insisted their cases be heard prior to President Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20, or else their success would be unlikely, the Washington Examiner reported. However, even now that Biden’s inauguration has come and gone, the lawsuits have not been withdrawn.

“Our legal issue remains important and in need of the court’s review,” Trump lawyer John Eastman told the Examiner in reference to Pennsylvania’s handling of the 2020 election. Kelly’s lawyer Greg Teufel added that he has no plans to drop the lawsuit.

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