Bannon, CENTCOM For Populism, Calls “General Quarters” Against Establishment Media

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The left is at it again, they are attempting to harm President Donald J. Trump by causing division between he and his defenders and they are focused again on a powerful pro-Trump political strategist, just as he is devising a plan to help re-shape the GOP.

Stephen K. Bannon gets hatred from everyone but Populists, and here we go again with some new hatred from the UniParty in DC, who are opposed to Trump’s political moves:

Look at how the establishment used media to run with gossip.  What I see is that Bannon must have “leveled up” again, because his detractors are hauling out their old gossip.

America deserves better than to be subjected to the Washington Examiner gossip and propaganda meant to protect political creatures who refuse to represent the people. That is what this is about.  DC is angry at Bannon because he is powerful, he is not giving up, and he has command of a host of activists who will follow him.

This is the perfect time to take the opportunity to tell you about Bannon, the media and the political establishment fear him and they are striking out at him again.

On his podcast, War Room Pandemic on Tuesday, Bannon addressed the latest charge against CBS as “Fake News” and be honest, are you surprised that CBS would put out fake news about Steve Bannon, a leading spokesperson for the MAGA movement?

Check out his clip and comments below:

Bannon Blasts Fake News CBS Producer for Spreading ‘Total Lie’

Bannon has been on the front lines educating the American people about the swelling tide of the Populist Movement and explaining how to get politically active to save the country. He has been doing that for a long time, and he has focused people’s energy toward supporting President Donald J. Trump.

That is why Trump hired him.

People who know me know that I get personally offended when people discredit Bannon.

I don’t care who knows it either, because Bannon’s loyalty to Trump and to ‘America First’ is the foundation for what is going to save America and Western Civilization from many of the threats we face, and that matters to me.  I am going to stay focused on the country.

My own kids know that I would protect Steve like he is one of my kids, that is how important I believe he is. Listen to what he is trying to save: America. He is talking about saving American kids from being “Russian surfs”, anyone who has raised kids in the last 20 years will know that Bannon is on to something there.

Sure Bannon isn’t perfect. He may even have screwed up a bunch of stuff with his personal relationships.  That is what people send me in gossipy DMs, like they are school children. I don’t know anything about what he did.  I don’t care that he messed something up with some love affair.  So have I.  And so have you, my reader.

What has he done to serve America and Americans?

This is who they want to take out, a Navy veteran who is an eyewitness to how American got into this Marxist Hell we are facing, starting with Jimmy Carter. He was there. He was there with Regan. Bannon has been around.

I can imagine Bannon may get tired of the anti-American attacks on him and his character.  Yet he stays focused on the job. He could give up, give in, but he fights for the country.  His detractors show where their own interest lay and it is not with the American people outside of DC.

Bannon is always on message about the problems American faces from the Chinese Communist Party:

He has always been pro Trump:

I have watched Bannon for decades now. I have turned a lot of lost people onto Bannon over the years, because as imperfect as he can be, it is very few people who have their heart and soul invested in saving America for the little guy, and Trump is champion of the little guy, so do a little math.

Bannon supports Trump, and CBS  and the Washington Examiner are lying to us.

And why? Because he emboldens marginalized people and that takes stuff away from the establishment that they want to hold on to,  It is an epic power struggle, Bannon didn’t create that, he just observed it and told us about it in brilliant ways and got us battle-ready to fight it.

Bannon talks about “plotting the 2016 race in 2013”. Watch the interview:

“Trump personifies the populist message better than anyone else, next to Reagan,” Bannon said.

I believe Bannon on this.

Watch some of Bannon’s interviews on Populism and Trump. Watch him on the War Room Pandemic on Real America’s Voice, weekdays at 10 AM Eastern.

Take this opportunity to get involved with some of his projects, and don’t trust the fake news media.

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