GOAT: Rush Limbaugh, a Pioneer in Talk Radio, Who Influenced Notable Americans, Has Left For Heaven

Posted by on February 17, 2021 9:03 pm

Wednesday, February 17th, is a sad day in America over the loss of a beloved Conservative Talk show pioneer, who blazed a path behind him for many other conservative pundits, medical personalities, and politicians, and who leaves behind a legacy of encouragement for Conservatives that will not die.

“I know the media and liberalism like the back of my hand, and I want to convince people not to believe everything they hear right out of the shoot.  I have been studying them for 35 years.  They live and breathe with this unquenchable desire to destroy Donald Trump. They believe that they are going to destroy him because he represents America,” Rush Limbaugh said on one of his last shows. “America is not going to die.”

Rush went after the left’s “sacred cows” with great precision, to the point that he changed perspectives. I, myself, was a young leftist Community Organizer when I first heard Rush, and he changed me.

Rush had a way of cutting through the indoctrination and exposing the theft of leftism on the poorest Americans in a stinging rebuke to the mindset of the left, but he didn’t attack people.

However, that is not how the leftists interpreted his words over the years; the left is not as gracious.

The news hit the airwaves of Rush’s death quickly upon the announcement, even trending right away on social media, Rush had died. Numerous talking heads attempted to frame Rush as they frame all Conservatives who love America as something less than desirable.

“I am sad to tell you that our beloved Rush has passed away early this morning,” Catherine Limbaugh, Rush’s wife, announced at the beginning of Wednesday’s show, in a beautiful 15 min long Eulogy, where she did a magnificent job of softening a devastating blow to American talk show listeners.

“Rush Limbaugh has died at age 70. The conservative talk-radio icon announced in February 2020 that he had been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer,” CNN reported. 

“He loved you,” Catherine said. “Rush loved this country. He appreciated so much our prayers and support. You were there when he needed you.”

RIP to a legend and a patriot, Rush Limbaugh. Not many people can say they revolutionized and stayed at the top of an industry the way he did. My condolences to his family,” Senator Rand Paul wrote. 

Rush Limbaugh was a constant source of comfort for Americans who were frustrated or angry at the loss of American values and traditions over the past three decades, leading people to hold onto a hopeful optimism that spreading Conservative values would fix the problems America faced.

Rush will always be the Greatest Of All Time.

Conservative Ron DeSantis released a statement:

Rush held the interest and passions of many Populist Americans, validating the working values and concepts that are held by the quiet majority of America. That is how we got President Donald J. Trump, and Trump acknowledged that when he awarded Rush the Presidential Medal of Freedom just one year ago.

“Rush is simply irreplaceable, and this loss to our country and the conservative cause cannot be overstated. God bless his family and his extraordinary legacy,” Rep. Mike Johnson wrote.

The left hated Rush for his powerfully large audience. And they hate him still for his undying love of American that will be his legacy, but that is not what is going to be the lasting legacy of Rush Limbaugh.

Broadcast Legend Rush Limbaugh has died. His legions of fans will miss him, and his powerful and bright contribution to our national dialogue is a treasure that will endure for decades to come. Rush Limbaugh, a great American, dead at 70. God bless you Rush,” Lou Dobbs wrote. 

For years Rush Limbaugh gave a voice to so many who felt forgotten by their government. We’ve lost a legend in talk radio, a faithful warrior for the conservative cause, and most importantly a great American. God bless his family.” Mark Meadows wrote. 

After Catherine spoke, the EIB played Ray Charles, America the Beautiful.  That will be Rush’s final say; he loved America to the very, very end.

So let that fuel you for the journey ahead, because while we will miss Rush, we have work to do, and we are going to remember his words; walking in his footsteps is something that will connect us to him forever.

“I always like to keep looking forward. We have to do that. If you aren’t going to do it, no one else will.  There is you, and without you there out there is there no me in here.  I have been here for over 30 years and it is stunning that you are still there.  I want to express my gratitude, but the big news is that you all are still out there,” Rush said in 2018.  That is what I am going to remember.

The fight to keep America Great goes on.

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