Twitter Puts Up ‘Trending’ Hashtags Celebrating Rush Limbaugh’s Death from Cancer

Posted by on February 17, 2021 7:03 pm
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Projection.  We always talk about how it is the key to understanding the modern day left.  For instance, when the left screams about how ‘intolerant’ the right is, they are really covering up for their own hatred of anyone with a different opinion … or white skin … even thought they … have … white skin most of the time.

When the left talks about political violence and clutches their pearls, it is only after they have been silent for months (likely years at this point), on end, of radical leftist violence.  Not only insurrections against Federal Buildings, but mass beatings and even murders of conservatives and random people.

Their hypocrisy really knows no bounds.  This is to be expected because the modern day Democrat Party is not as much a political party as it is a hate group.  The Party’s entire message is that ‘it’s white peoples’ fault’.

When you build your political base, based on hatred of a certain group of people … because of their skin color none the less, you are going to end up with a hateful, dangerous, powder keg.

Unfortunately, for those of us with children who do not want to see them grow up in a domestic conflict or in a communist shithole, this is the reality we live in.

Moments ago we learned that Rush Limbaugh, an icon of talk radio has died.  Even those on the libertarian side who did not agree with Rush on all things respected his accomplishments and know that today is not the day to drag the man through the mud.

Silicon Valley and the left however, it’s the first thing they thought to do.

Twitter, the totally unbiased (virtual cancer) social media ‘platform’ suggested the hashtag ‘RIPBOZO’ for me, which featured leftists celebrating the death of the 70 year old cancer victim.

Here are some of the Tweets from the ‘tolerant left’, let me warn you, they are disturbing:

The loving left was mad that ‘Rest In Piss’ was no longer trending:

When someone ask you how on Earth could a society allow genocide to occur, genocide of their own neighbors … scroll through the left half of Twitter and realize how easily it can happen.

This is what the left has done to our culture.  It’s time we split up the nation and peacefully go our separate ways.

Oh, and Joe, if you think we are giving up our guns after seeing how much the left wants us all dead, you have another thing coming.



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