U of C Riverside Faculty Wasted No Time After Rush Limbaugh’s Passing To Attack Him With Hate-Filled Rants

Posted by on February 19, 2021 6:03 pm

Well, that didn’t take long.  It took only one day for the vitriolic hatred of the academic Woke Supremacy to trash Rush Limbaugh who passed away on Wednesday from advanced lung cancer.

Faculty at the University of California celebrated the death of the conservative radio legend just hours after he died on Wednesday, labeling him a “one-man hate industry” in an email that went out where they designated themselves “Rush Limbaugh experts” to offer themselves up for media interviews.

At least two Professors from the University of California, Riverside were happy that Limbaugh lost his life at the age of 70, stating that “America is objectively a better place without Rush in it.”  I would submit that the world would be a much better place without hate-mongers like these professors in it, but maybe that’s just me.

“For decades, Rush Limbaugh made millions trafficking in racism, sexism, and xenophobia,” Iranian-American scholar of religious studies, writer, and television host Reza Aslan said in the email, which incidentally was distributed through the university’s PR department.  The email went on saying “Rush Limbaugh experts available to media.”  I can tell you right now that this man knows nothing about Rush Limbaugh beyond the lies and defamation the Left has thrown at him for over 30 years.

“He was a one-man hate industry. And while the hatred and fear he sowed throughout his destructive career will continue long after his death, America is objectively a better place without Rush in it,” Aslan said.

This is where conservatives break from leftists like this former CNN guy.  For example, most conservatives disliked Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. They despised what she and the other leftists on the US Supreme Court did to our country, but I don’t remember any conservative college professors or any prominent conservatives at all attack the Justice right after her passing.

The same people who call Rush hateful are the ones spewing hate at the time when his family and friends are still mourning his passing.  It’s called having a sense of decorum and knowing how and when to act civilly because it’s better for society.  Leftists like these professors who could not wait until the body was cold started their hate-filled rants about a man who did far more for charity to help people in need than any of the nitwit college professors.

If Rush was racist then how could he have employed and worked closely with James Golden, otherwise known as Bo Snerdly, an African American man, as his call screener, producer, and radio engineer for three decades?  If Rush was a racist then why did he have Justice Clarence Thomas, a black man, preside over his wedding ceremony?  If Limbaugh was any of the things the haters accused him of would he have ever had Sir Elton John perform at his wedding to Kathryn?  Racists and bigots would never do any of that no matter what.

Aslan the demagogue took to social media to make vicious remarks a year ago when the radio talk show legend announced his lung cancer diagnosis, calling him evil and saying he was a “curse upon this nation”

It takes a lot of a feeling of supremacy to go on social media and make statements like that at that point in time.  Reza Aslan is apparently a Woke Supremacist who can not help himself with impulse control.

Think about it.  He attacked Limbaugh as his loved ones were just starting the grieving process after Rush’s passing and they want to be thought of as decent and moral people.  It’s disgusting behavior.

A year ago Aslan went on Twitter and cloaked a hate-filled message behind a message about not celebrating Limbaugh’s diagnosis.

I think a real curse upon this nation is when college professors teach students to hate their country, to hate anyone, those who spew venom against the greatest country ever created that has done more to help people from around the world than any other.

After Breitbart published an article about Aslan referring to the radio host as a “curse upon this nation” Aslan again couldn’t help himself and took to social media to double down on the insult, saying “Actually ‘curse upon this nation’ is just about the nicest thing I can think of to say about Rush Limbaugh dead or alive.”

Dylan Rodriguez, an Aslan colleague who has research interests in the fields of Ethnic Studies, Critical Race Studies, Black Studies, Carceral Studies, and Radical Social Movements said that Rush will be remembered as “an unapologetic purveyor of right-wing conspiracy narratives, racist mythologies, Islamophobic hate, and smug claims of white ‘American’ victimhood.”

“In life, there were few public figures who contributed more to the normalization of everyday white supremacist, antiblack, homophobic and transphobic, misogynist worldviews than Rush Limbaugh,” Rodriguez scrawled.

“It was entirely fitting that Donald Trump awarded him the Presidential Medal of freedom, given Limbaugh’s primary, decades-long role in establishing the white nationalist populism that swept Trump into the White House.”

To even consider that Rush Limbaugh supported any form of white nationalism is defamation of character.  There isn’t a single piece of evidence that would win that argument in a court of law, so pinheads like these professors and other Woke Supremacists have to attempt to skew the court of public opinion instead.  Rush wanted everyone, regardless of their station in life, he everyone to succeed.  He said it all the time and he meant it.

What the Left hated him for was when he would simply read the newspaper online and comment about what he read.  Rush exposed the Left as the hate-filled tyrants that they really are and he did it in a fashion that regular folks, people who didn’t live and die by politics, could understand.  He took very complicated issues and made them very easy to understand and the Left could not find his equal.  In fact, the conservatives could not find his equal either.

Unlike these professors and other haters on the Left, Limbaugh would give examples of things liberals did that were harming the very people they claimed to want to help.  He had a bombastic style at times, which is no different from many radio talk show hosts, but what leftists fail to acknowledge is that they practically own all forms of communication and media in this society, and sometimes the only way to get your point out there was to make fun of the Left for the kookiness that is their ideology.

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