Weaponizing Memorials: Linda Sánchez Organizes Congress To Get Revenge on Trump While Americans Suffer

Posted by on February 19, 2021 6:03 pm

The news hit this week that the US Congress members, taxpayer-funded civil servants, were busy devising plans to further punish President Donald J. Trump for his “American First” policies and his push for “Economic Nationalism,” AKA jobs for Americans. A far-Left Community Organizer, a leading voice for unionizing, US Rep from California Linda Sanchez is behind the punishing blow.

They are completely unhinged and consumed by hate. House Democrats introduced legislation on Thursday to prevent twice impeached US Presidents from being buried in Arlington Cemetery,” Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit wrote in a recent article, CONSUMED BY HATE: House Democrats Introduce Legislation to Prevent Twice Impeached Presidents from Being Buried in Arlington Cemetery.

The left will weaponize and politicize a Chicken sandwich if you let them. And here is more proof, they have now weaponized memorials, funerals, and honorary actions in the name of popular officeholders.

“Congress went on vacation, they came back, & spent their time on making sure Trump couldn’t have security or buried at Arlington national. They didn’t work on giving people who can’t pay rent or buy the food their $2000,” Dr. Interracial,a poster on Twitter, wrote in reaction to the news.

Drunk on power and filed by hatred of Americans and our President, the left has used our taxes to enrich themselves and represent numerous anti-American foreign interests, including attempts to destroy Trump. 

NO GLORY FOR YOU! Says the Memorial ‘Nazi’. Ok. That is what I am thinking:

This is what passes for “work” in Washington DC, a former Labor Lawyer who represents migrants pushes for a House Bill to harm President Donald J. Trump:

GovTrack.US reported on the HR 484 in their summary:

“Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Some congressional Democrats disagree.


Things are often named for former presidents.

The CIA’s headquarters is named after George H.W. Bush, as are Houston’s largest airport and a Navy aircraft carrier. The EPA’s headquarters is named after Bill Clinton. A Navy submarine is named after Jimmy Carter. A Washington, D.C. area airportpublic transit station, and U.S. Customs and Border Patrol’s headquarters are all named after Ronald Reagan.

Will similar honors be awarded to Donald Trump?

What the bill does

The No Glory for Hate Act would prevent any federal symbol, monument, statue, building, or land from being named after a president who has been impeached twice by the House of Representatives. The bill spells out several specific examples, including military bases, highways, streets, and subways. (The Washington, D.C. public transit system has a station named after Ronald Reagan.)

As private properties, Trump Tower and Trump-branded hotels and golf courses would remain unaffected.

Trump’s name does not actually appear once in the legislative text. Yet Trump is the only president to have been impeached twice by the House, so in practice, the bill would only apply to him — at least so far. The Democratic-led House impeached Trump twice: first on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress for Trump’s threat to withhold foreign aid to Ukraine unless the country investigated his political rival, Joe Biden, then for inciting the Capitol Hill riot.

It was introduced in the House on January 25 as bill H.R. 484, by Rep. Linda Sánchez (D-CA38).”



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