30 Year Old Video Of Rush Surfaces, Destroys Left Once & For All

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Those of you reading this who are under the age of 30 likely do not understand just how important Rush Limbaugh was to this country.

While I did not agree with Rush on everything, he is largely responsible for shaping my world view and that of tens of millions of other, PROUD Americans.

Rush was a trailblazer who took on the lies of the so called Mainstream Media decades before the nation woke up to just how dangerous communist control of our media and entertainment networks was.

Had it not been for Rush, there would likely be no Hannity, there would be no Tucker, no Infowars, no … alternative to the deep state talking points that the establishment/legacy media continues to push today.

8 years before his failed run for President against George Bush Jr., the fake news media was already telling us how brilliant Gore was.  Al Gore was a climate prophet they said.

Well, Al gore sure has made a PROFIT selling climate fear, but it’s bad that all he said was nonsense.  Luckily for us, Rush was there to set the record straight.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘And back in 1992 far left “Nightline” host Ted Koppel invited the great Rush Limbaugh on to debate Al Gore on the Ozone scare and future of the planet.

Rush Limbaugh destroyed Al Gore and his doomsday cult on national TV.

The Great One called out the “10 years left” BS almost 30 years ago!’

Rush Limbaugh: I don’t think there’s anything conclusive about what Senator Gore said with all due respect. For example, I think there is no ozone hole over the United States… I think Ted there is not a crisis. This is the problem I have. I don’t think the earth is fragile. I don’t think the ecology is fragilely balanced and I think the doomsday industry that is typified by members of the Hollywood acting community who say we only got 10 years left to save our planet. We got to act now. There’s no way if what these people say is true then we can’t solve these problems in 10 years anyway.

Via Catturd2:

Below is the entire segment of Rush absolutely crushing Al Gore and his brethren on the left over their 1990’s junk science:


I know there are libertarians out there who are torn over what to feel about Rush Limbaugh.  It’s important to realize that Rush was the lone voice in the wilderness for the right to dissent from the lies of the MSM.

Without Rush, God only knows how much further down this tyrannical path we would be by now …. Rest In Peace Mr. Limbaugh.

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